The Lip Kit That Rivals The Others

Is it worth the hype?

Oh, I do love a good lip kit. I just cannot help it. Ever since Kylie Jenner gave the world her offering of now stupidly famous lipliners and liquid lipsticks in one little handy kit, many other brands have followed suit, some with better options that others. But, I will admit, as much as I do love them, that affair is typically short lived when I reach for the creamier, glossier options that give my lips the relief they need after long hours of sporting a fully matte lip. But, have I finally found the perfect lip kit?

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I have mostly loved since first discovering them (thanks to bloggers!) a few years back. It is a brand I find that is a pretty mixed bag, not everything is fabulous quality but every now and then you find a real gem that is hard to let go off. For example, I did not dig one of their matte eyeshadow palettes (bit too chalky for me) but their baked highlighters? The thing of dreams, I tell you! So, I was pretty intrigued when I spotted their Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits on their stand and ended up leaving with Reign in my Superdrug carrier. Oops.

With lip kits having the stereotype of being a tad gimmicky, drying and slightly uncomfortable, I was looking forward to putting this affordable version to the test. At just £6.00, this is so much more in line with people’s budgets as opposed to Kylie’s $29 version (excluding delivery) and Charlotte Tilbury’s £38 collection. But, is the Makeup Revolution Lip Kit any good? Here are my thoughts…

Makeup Revolution Lip Kit Reign

Makeup Revolution Lip Kit Reign

Reign is a beautiful soft pink shade that does not border on cool-toned. It is flattering and the perfect everyday makeup accompaniment. I personally find that typically liquid lipsticks are either way too cool-toned (am I the only one who does not always find this flattering) or simply too dark for my skin tone, but Reign perfectly manages to balance all the qualities I want out, already meaning it is a lip product I reach for almost daily. The lip line compliments the lipstick perfectly, there is not a difference in colour which is ideal.

Packaging wise? It ticks all the boxes for me. Yes, the cardboard is flimsy but I personally only kept it for the purpose of the photo as I do not mind the two products being separate in my collection but the real star is the matte black packaging of the lip liner and clear tube with rose gold accents of the actual lipstick. It is on trend, sleek and the ideal product if you like to display your products. Beautiful!

The lip-liner is very soft and creamy and manages to do a fine job of lining the lips. It is what I expect of a lip-liner but I think it will be interesting to see how this sharpens. Also, and I am not sure if this is just my one, but the smell of the lin-liner is a little unsettling. It has quite a strong, chemical ‘cheap’ smell I tend to associate with those cheap sets of makeup you used to be able to buy for children. Every time I use it the smell is there which is a shame as the actual lip-liner is lovely.

But for me, the standout is the lipstick. No smell here thankfully, just pink, creamy goodness. Don’t get me wrong, of course, it is a little bit drying but it is barely noticeable compared to some of Kylie’s offerings. It applies neatly without patchiness, (Kylie’s lip kits can be guilty of this also) and has really impressive lasting power. For me, eating and drinking allows this to fade naturally and I do not find that this goes patchy after a few hours which really is a plus point! One of my biggest pet peeves with liquid lipsticks is the fact they tend to go so uncomfortable after a few hours of wear to the point I want to grab a makeup wipe and remove it pronto and THIS is where the Makeup Revolution lip kit trumps them all. This manages to stay comfortable for the entire time I am sporting this, yes, I can feel it is there, but it is not annoying or flaky and I know that it is still looking as good as when first applied.

In terms of removal, I find that soaking a cotton pad with micellar water and holding it onto the lips for a minute or so works best (that indicates just how long this lipstick sticks around!) and there is no scrubbing needed. No complaints there!

Makeup Revolution Lip Kit Reign Makeup Revolution Lip Kit Reign Swatch

All-in-all, I could not recommend the Makeup Revolution lip kit enough. The colour is beautiful, it lasts for a good few hours, it is not overly drying and I would rather pick this is up and sport this all day as opposed to anything Kylie Cosmetics has offered. I am just going to put it out there; I think I have found my perfect lip kit.

Could you lose the liner? Maybe. I have not seen anyone else complain about the smell which makes me think mine is a dud and I do not reach for every time because of that but when I  do want my lips to look ever so slightly fuller, I will apply it. But, in all honestly, I just adore the lipstick and do not feel the need to wear the lip liner every single day. Though, I am sure this all depends on your lip-liner wearing preferences anyway.

For just £6.00 (and 10% off with Unidays if you are a student) I adore this offering from Makeup Revolution. Another one of their products I have fallen completely in love with!

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution lip kits?


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