The June Goals

06. 2017

June has slowly become my favourite month over the last few years. Since packing my bags off to university, June has since signalled the end of the academic year, the start of the Summer; it is the indication it is time to rest, just for a little bit.

This year is slightly different, instead of waving goodbye to my friends and heading off home for the Summer knowing it is only three short months till I am back again… I’m staying put. I have just gone ahead and completed my degree, even if it has not quite settled in yet that it is all over and done with. It is certaintly bittersweet; I’m looking forward to starting my post-university life but I’m a little bit heartbroken to be saying goodbye to the friends I see practically every day and the city I love. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet… but feel free to ask me how I feel about it come September.

Despite the bittersweet introduction June has brought, I am determined to make this month a productive one. I’m slowly making my way through the unpacking progress (it’s taking so much longer than I’ve thought) and I’m on the hunt for a part-time job. Though, some parts of this month are slightly more exciting. Nearer the end I am off on my Summer holibobs and I have officially taken SimplyAbbi part-time! But, in other news, I have always adored reading monthly goal posts, so I have decided that now is the perfect time to write-up my own, starting with the month of brand new beginnings…

So here are my June goals!

June Goals Primark Dress

June Goals Primark Dress

June Goal 01

 Get Into Routine

Now that I’m not just back ‘for the Summer’, I really want to start getting into a proper routine at home. Not just being lazy and sleeping in, not putting things off because ‘hey, it’s Summer’. It is time to get organised because for around the next ten months, this is my life. As I have mentioned, I’m on the hunt for a part-time job and I know the other half of my time is going to be spent working on my online world. It has been my dream pretty much to go part-time with my blog, even if it is just for a little while and the now the perfect opportunity has come up. Not knowing exactly what career I want to go into now I have completed my degree seemed like the perfect time to take a little break, give myself a tiny bit of time off by blogging part-time and working elsewhere. I am super excited!

Posts are going back to three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday BTW) and there will be a new video every Sunday – if all goes to plan. Alongside this, I want to get into some sort of exercise routine – madness I know – and just feel settled and at ‘home’ again instead of it just being my resting place for three months.

June Goals Primark Dress

June Goal 02

Get Back Into Youtube

I don’t know how many of you, if any, watch my Youtube channel but if you do (thank you!), you will see my last upload was a shocking 6 months ago. Not my finest moment but when it came to final year university and the workload that brings alongside everything else, something had to take a step back and for me, that was Youtube. I uploaded the Disney vlogs as planned, but I just could not find the time to plan, film and edit alongside long library days and constant reading around for my dissertation.

But, now all that is over, I am really excited to get back into the world of video, it offers a different approach to conversation and a world of different creativity options and I just love it. I’m looking forward to the occasional vlog, monthly favourite videos, makeup routines and a lot more content and now seems like the perfect time to chuck myself right back into it!

If you haven’t already, I would love if you would like to subscribe to my channel, the content already on there is a pretty good indication of what is to come, but hopefully, with the more time I have, the videos will be better quality and all that. Bring it on!

June Goals Primark Dress
June Goals Primark Dress

June Goal 03

03. Relax! Even just a little bit!

This isn’t necessarily a goal as such, but I certainly wanted to mention it – I’m going on holiday! I’m too excited! In a few weeks time, I will (hopefully) be sitting in the sun, a good book in hand enjoying post-dissertation life.

Georgia and I spent that last few weeks of university talking about how much we wanted a beach holiday; a place in the sun where we could just do nothing. No academic readings, no essay planning and no 9 am lectures. Just swimming, tanning and relaxing. Our little graduation/we’ve finished university woohoo presents to ourselves and Gran Canaria seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. Plus, it never hurts to have lots of good beach photographs on the ol’ Insta now, does it?

June Goals Primark Dress

June Goal 04

04. Tie Up Loose Ends

And lastly, this month, I want to tie-up all the loose ends that have been developing over the last month or so. There is still grades I need from university, and whilst I cannot do anything about that as of yet, it will be nice when I get them all and start to work out what my degree grade is. I’m desperate to know and it honestly feels like my hand-ins were a lifetime ago! I know I have to head back to Brighton at some point too to get my dissertation back, so it will also be nice to know when I can actually do that!

On top of this, there is the odd blog comment and email that I have not got round to replying to. There are skincare and makeup items that have been sitting in my ‘need to test’ drawer for a few weeks too long and my to-do list is looking very long… too long. This is the month where I want to catch up with it all and finally, cross off that to-do list!

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June Goals Primark Dress

All-in-all, I’m hoping that June is a pretty productive month! There is lots of things to do, even if it it does not seem it right now, but getting all the packing done is a pretty big goal in itself!

What are your June goals?


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