Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone

“You’re not wearing jeans?”

Ask anyone who knows me what outfit I typically wear and I guarantee that they will say oh a tee-shirt and black skinny jeans. Unless the weather outside does not allow me to wear my jeans and tee combo comfortably, that is what I am wearing.

We all know that it is healthy and encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself more. Whether that is joining a club, trying new food, going to the cinema alone, all that kind of stuff, but I never really thought it about it much in terms of fashion.

The other day I was picking out what to wear for the day and found the process to be completely monotonous, I did not even have to think about it. Black skinny jeans, white t-shirt. Done. And do not get me wrong, sometimes this ease of opening up the wardrobe and already knowing what to grab is welcomed in a hectic life where I am typically running a little bit late for my bus but it did make me realise how boring and predictable I had gotten with my day-to-day fashion.

I just needed a little shake up, a little inspiration, so in my staple t-shirt and jeans, I wandered off down the high street in search of something new and in search of the outfit that was going to see me stepping out my comfort zone with fashion!

Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone
Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone
Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone
Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone

The Outfit

I have become completely obsessed with these trousers to the point I think people around me are getting pretty sick of seeing them! The second I saw them in New Look, I found myself rummaging through the rail to find my size. Sadly, the pink version I am wearing are sold out online (do check in store though!), but there is a grey and a black version which are both just as lovely.

The material is light and loose without bordering on overly baggy or frumpy, they are still very flattering. The material is beautifully soft and these are just so perfect on the slightly breezier Summer days where you do not fancy getting your legs out or need to be covered up (I am thinking religious places if you are off on holiday and all that, these would be perfect).

I love the tie-waist, it just adds that extra detail that can help tie a whole outfit together (the pun was not actually intended…) but the best thing is these have a little elasticity in them, allowing for a food baby and just extra all-round comfort.

We all know that the off-the-shoulder trend is super popular this Summer so naturally I just had to pick this top up. It is still in-line with my simple wardrobe but the elasticated arms add extra detail as well as functionality as this helps to keep the top moving up to your shoulders (i.e my biggest pet peeve!). It is cute, simple but pairs easier with so many outfits and it is going to work just as well in Autumn too (yay for long sleeves!)

Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone

Finding Inspiration

One of the best ways to help you step out of your fashion comfort zone is finding inspiration and in 2017, this could not be easier! Following your favourite style queens on Instagram is a great way to find style pieces and gives you a chance to see how a particular style or piece is worn, what that particular blogger has paired with and how it sits and flows on the skin. This offers an alternative view of the clothing you just cannot get when looking at it on a hanger in a store. I think it is so important to see how it sits, its shape and how it falls and fashion bloggers are the easiest way of helping to really visualise an item. I love Josie, Olivia and Freddy for this.

Another way to find inspiration is to watch Lookbook videos on Youtube which also really allows you to visualise an outfit, how it sits and how it moves. When finding a new style or stepping out of your comfort zone, naturally you are going to want to feel confident and comfortable in the garment, so seeing how it moves and how it sits on the body can be essential for doing this.

Pinterest and magazines are also great sources of information, but sometimes, just getting out there and having a nosey at what other people are wearing is all you need to find a bit of inspiration and a little wishlist of outfits you want to try out! Then the best bit; heading to the shops and finding all those new pieces you have fallen in love with! My last tip? At first, find pieces that can be incorporated with what you already own in your wardrobe but are still a little bit out of your comfort zone gradually building up until you are completely comfortable with your new style!

Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone
Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone

What are your tips for stepping out of your fashion comfort zone?


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