Dressing Up Simple Fashion

Simple fashion is the dream. The ultimate comfort. Not everything in my wardrobe needs over-the-top embellishment, crazy patterns or some floral print down the side. Do not get me wrong, I adore all that, but mostly, you will see me in much more simple fashion. Excusing the name, there are plenty of ways to dress up simple fashion so you can still wear that super comfy cotton tee with jeans but feel a little more glamourous and Insta-worthy. It’s all in piecing the outfit together.

The ‘simple’ t-shirt and jeans, the ‘simple’ shirt and tailored trousers, the ‘simple’ jumpers and leggings. This is what I wear. I do love a more fancy piece, something a little bit dressy, something patterned, embellished with a beautiful cut and finish, but sometimes, I just want to throw on a white t-shirt, black jeans and my Adidas Superstars and feel just as fancy as I would in a pair of culottes and a bardot-style top.

So, on a whim, I decided to write this post in defence of simple fashion and how you can dress it up. For those who also like to just chuck on a shirt and jeans, a tee and trainers and be done with it. The photographs featured in this post were planned, but originally, I was going to wear my drop hem dress and heels. But, on the day, I woke up and just did not feel like wearing that, I just wanted to put on my softest, comfiest shirt and jeans, slip on my loafers and head to the seafront. So that is what we photographed. So, this is the post in defence of simple fashion and how, if you so wish, can jazz up simple outfits and give them a little bit more of a ‘wow’ factor.

Dressing Up Simple Fashion
Dressing Up Simple Fashion
Dressing Up Simple Fashion

Do not be afraid of accessories

Accessories, if you ask me, are the key to adding something a little extra to any outfit, no matter how simple the outfit may be. Just adding that little additional detail can help tie-in the outfit and give that look of ‘I have put loads of effort into this’.

My favourite go-to accessory is my watch. I am not into massive amounts of jewellery and sometimes find it too intrusive but a watch is typically fitted and serves a purpose beyond tieing your outfit together. For me, I like to keep my watch almost as simple as my outfit, a small face and thin wrist strap is what makes me happy.

The one I am always reaching for is from Olivia Burton which I got many moons ago for one of my birthdays. The rose gold face compliments my also rose gold necklace well and the grey wrist strap has a very subtle croc detailing and pairs with outfits effortlessly.

If you are more of a jewellery person, then adding a few rings and the odd bracelet can also really help when elevating a simple outfit. I would always recommend sticking to the same metal and not going too overboard. Massive, jangling bracelets can borderline on becoming more of an annoyance if anything but subtle, key pieces that are timeless really do make all the difference in not only elevating an outfit but making yourself feel more put together.

Dressing Up Simple Fashion

Dressing Up Simple Fashion

Tie It All Together

As you can see from the photos accompanying this post, the main focus tying this outfit together is the light pink colour of the accessories and shoes that compliments the blue wash of the jeans beautifully. The South Beach at ASOS sunglasses, the Missguided little bag and the Primark slip-on loafers all feature a very similar shade of pink that not only helps to make this outfit more statement but helps tie it all together allowing the accessories to do the talking but without washing the outfit out completely.

Keeping to two basic colours and really utilising them throughout your outfit also simply adds to the overall glamour and feel. The outfit itself looks more put together and takes away the look of ‘I just wanted to be comfy today’ without comprising on any of the comfort. Naturally, sunglasses are essential and mirrored ones are always a chic addition to any outfit, a bag is also an essential and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I could squeeze into this little Missguided number and lastly, these loafers are wonderfully comfy, all whilst adding to the overall style and look of the outfit.

You do not always need a pop of colour though, an all black outfit is going to look killer with white or gold accessories for example. As long as it is all tied together, it is going to work to elevate the outfit and make you feel Insta-ready!

Dressing Up Simple Fashion
Dressing Up Simple Fashion

Work Out Where You Are Most Confident

And play on that. Accessorising your thing? Then channel all your energy into that, or if finding the perfect pair of shoes is something you like to do, then focus on that. Working out where you are most confident and playing on that is key to not only making you feel more confident in your outfit, but it means you can effortlessly play on that.

After all, confidence in your outfit and yourself is the most important thing when it comes to fashion. How you feel in the outfit when you wear it, is ultimately, all that truly matters! So find that thing that makes you feel most confident and take complete advantage of it!


What is your favourite way to dress up a simple outfit?


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