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Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

The Summer Shades

Gel manicures have hit the beauty industry by storm and it is clear to see why. Beautiful, long-lasting colour finished with a stunning shine you just cannot seem to achieve with your standard polish. I love a gel manicure; I am a classic nail biter so the longer a polish lasts on my nails, the better. Typically, as soon as polishes start to chip or start to look a little on the dull side, that is when the temptation to bite kicks back in so for me, gel manicures are well worth the extra time and effort it takes to achieve them.

Talking of extra time and effort… gel manicures are typically around £30 a pop and that can definitely increase the more decorated and fancy you want your nails to be, not forgetting to mention the long hours that are spent in the salons getting them done! For these reasons, I am more than happy to use DIY, at home techniques and save that extra cash for a new top (or more likely, food). And the best thing? You can do it all in the comfort of your PJ’s, Love Island on in the background with a face mask on. Which is why I was super pleased to see that Rimmel has released their Beach Ready Super Gel Collection*, just in time for my summer holiday!

With five gorgeous shades, you are spoilt for choice for what shade to choose for your holidays, with a bright orange to a more muted lilac, I cannot help but think there is something for everyone. They, of course, have the benefit of not needing to use a UV lamp and claim to have up to 14 days wear, which, let’s be honest, for an actual gel manicure done professionally, is very impressive and a huge claim to make.

So, here are my thoughts on the Rimmel Two Step Super Gel polishes!

Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

L-R: 035 Coral Queen, 082 Purple Splash, 045 Flamenco Beach, 026 Sun Fun Faze, 053 Dive Right In, Top Coat

Rimmel Super Gel Polishes
Rimmel Super Gel Polishes

First things first, I am all over the colours, in fact, the only shade I am not digging is the blue, blue polish just does not work for me. But the red, pink and lilac are really lovely and I am very surprised I even love the orange a little bit! Certainly Summer-perfect colours, but I would have loved to have seen a white shade in there as opposed to the lilac, perhaps.

All the polishes feature a wide brush, which for me is perfect, fits my nails perfectly and helps to create a much more even layer which is essential for polish application.

I use three coats for all the polishes and naturally, the darker colours are very pigmented and apply wonderfully, unfortunately for the lilac, I cannot say the same. I find it very sheer and I found it applied a bit bubbly, but a little extra time and care into the manicure meant that the finish was good enough and did not look as ‘bubbly’ as it first did.

The colours are lovely, the brush gets a thumbs up from me, but sadly, I am not in complete love with the finish. As you can see from the above swatches, my nails have odd ridges and what looks like smudges and I have noticed this with the other shades too. It is almost as if the polish crinkles up as the top coat starts to dry. It is such a shame as the finish is very shiny, very glossy and from afar where you cannot notice the slight imperfections, it looks professional.

Moving on from the texture, the lasting power was pretty impressive! Of course, not the 14 days that Rimmel claim, but I can get around 4-5 days solid wear before I start to notice chips and peeling. I am so happy with that!

Despite the strange, bubbling texture, I do like these. The shine and lasting power is really lovely and means I can give myself a manicure and then not worry about how my nails are looking till days later. Not only that, I have saved around £30 (and petrol and parking money) and given myself an extra hour or two without having to travel to the salon. Whilst nothing compares to sitting around for those two hours having mindless chat whilst not doing anything but having a professional manicure, these polishes are a fantastic, alternative option that is going to save you an hour or two and a few bank notes. It is a win/win!

Rimmel Super Gel Polishes


Have you tried any of the Rimmel Gel polishes before? What do you think of the Beach ready collection?


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