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Walking into the beautiful building that is Lumiere London in Southwark (just look at that interior!), I did not know what to expect of the #ManfrottoMasterclass. But, boy, am I glad I took the trip to the big smoke that day. Greeted with a glass of prosecco, I had no idea that a few hours later I would be leaving with a boatload of new found information and tons of tips all about the big, somewhat scary world of Youtube.

I’m no stranger to Youtube, I’ve been uploading the odd video inconsistently over the last few years but university has always got in the way and I fear I may have lost my touch. So, heading to the Manfrotto masterclass, I was quite excited to listen to everyone’s advice and get straight back into the world of Youtube. The video platform offers another creative angle and I cannot help but think that some things work better in video than in words, so Youtube is certainly something I want to get back into on a regular basis!

We had three talks during the day, the first was with blogger favourite Josie from FashionMumbr talking all general Youtube tips, then it was Jim Marks who is a filmmaker who talked to us about the importance of lightening and finally the Manfrotto staff gave us a talk on their best tips for phone photography!

Throughout the talks, I managed to jot down a couple of notes of the tips I thought were really beneficial to me personally and could not help but think that any potential vloggers or even photographers would like to know these too! So, here is what I learnt at the Manfrotto vlogging masterclass!

Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass
Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass Josie FashionMumblr

Josie offered some really helpful advice that was personal and not just the typical Youtube tips you may hear. She went into so much detail and was more than happy to chat with us about her channel!

  1. When doing the (really boring – I know!) job of typing out the tags of your videos, try to remember that they are actually really important and one of the ways that people stumble across your videos. Josie reminded us to make them really detailed (but relevant!) and if you are stuck, search for videos perhaps similar to yours and think about what keywords you use to find the video and also see what other people use to make sure you are taking full advantage of the tags!
  2. When it comes to creating your thumbnail, it is so important to remember that visually, this is the first thing your potential audience will see. Josie recommended making sure it features clear images but avoid over-cluttering it. She also said that having extra relevant imagery in there as well (some fun emojis etc) can make thumbnails more appealing to the eye of the viewer.
  3. When it comes to writing out the description of your video, I do not know about you, but I always struggle as to what to type in the little box! Josie’s advice was to make it relevant again, almost re-wording the title or typing out what people will be searching for to help people know what your video is about before they watch.
  4. Josie also spoke about clickbait which is a topic I find really interesting in the Youtube community. Josie hit the nail on the head, suggesting to make your title exciting and in a way, ‘good’ click bait but reminded everyone not to trick anyone into watching the video by using a click bait title. Basically, no one wants a disappointed audience because their title did not match the content!

Jim’s talk was all about showing us different methods of lighting to use to get what we wanted whilst showing us a range of lighting equipment; diffusers, LED panel lights, a tiny little luminous light which I’m definitely investing in and showed us first hand how they all work to set the scene!

  1. Jim recommended us to always diffuse your lighting for soft, natural lighting that is not too artificial or full on. If you are using a ring-light, led panel or simply just natural lighting from your window, always diffuse! We saw first hand how much softer, and overall nicer the lightning was when he used a diffuser.
  2. If you do not wish to buy a diffuser or simply do not have one right now, Jim said that white bed sheet over your window or lights will work just as well and will still give you that lovely soft look.
  3. Jim also mentioned that there is just no way you can get the same kind of lighting and overall look on a phone. But, if you do like or wish to vlog on your phone (seriously, phone cameras are actually really good!), even just a little light on top will help you out big time! Jim was using the Manfrotto Lumimuse LED light which is small enough to carry around, has three dimming settings and, if I say so myself, was really quite impressive!
  4. When it came to the mobile and filming talk, the staff reminded us to always use a tripod, even if it is just a mini one, you’d be surprised at just how much having a stabilised video can do for quality and overall improvement on a video.
  5. If you are looking to shoot on your phone, as I said, phone camera quality is typically quite good, and you can open up a world of settings and more with the app Filmic Pro that was recommended to us! It completely opens up your world when it comes to mobile shooting and puts you fully in control – apparently, a film was even shot with it earlier this year! I have not tried it yet, but cannot wait to give it a go!
  6. Lastly, the lovely Manfrotto staff showed us a range called ShoulderPod. It’s a huge range of different accessories that allow you to create your perfect, personalised mobile tripod. The range allows you to focus on what you want specifically from a tripod, whether that is stabilisation, a fixture for a light next to your camera and more. It is pretty amazing and I love the fact you can make it your own!
Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass Jim Marks

Always diffuse your lighting!

Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass
Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass

All-in-all, I would like to say the biggest thank you to Manfrotto for inviting me down to their vlogging masterclass! I learnt so much, picked up so many new tips (and a techie wishlist as long as my arm!) and met some wonderful bloggers as well! I also hope that some of my readers may find these tips really useful as well, please do link your Youtube account below if you have one, I would love to have a little watch!

Finally, if like me you are on the hunt for a new tripod (or two), lightening goodies and more, Manfrotto had kindly given me a discount for anyone to use! Simply use the code FOLLOWR17 to get yourself a pretty impressive 20% off at Manfrotto.co.uk!

What’s your number one vlogging tip?


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