Re-Vamping The Spring Wardrobe

Re-Vamping the Spring Wardrobe SimplyAbbi

Spring Has Sprung

Well, wasn’t last months little mini heatwave something to shout about? I was just having a lovely sit down in the garden, casually checking the weather app on my phone to see it was 24 degrees! Waking up in the morning, I found myself rummaging through my wardrobe for vests and playsuits and kept looking at my stupidly big collection of jumpers in despair.

But panic over. As I type this out, all I can hear is rain hitting my window. After months of simply focusing on my dissertation (which, if you follow my Twitter, you’ll know that that is now handed in and truly out of my hands), I had envisioned spending the bank holiday weekend down at a cafe along the beach, typing this out. But, instead, I’m wrapped in a blanket watching the rain fall. There’s still a tiny bit of warmth in the air that means I’m not yet reaching for that pile of jumpers, but it’s certainly not weather I want to go out and explore in. Clearly, April is generous enough to leave us with some of its famous showers.

Regardless of the miserable but typical bank holiday weather, I’ve slowly been revamping my wardrobe. Slowly moving out the high-neck fluffy jumpers in favour for cami’s, playsuits and even the odd Summer dress. The Spring re-vamp got even more exciting after I booked my Summer holiday for this year which cannot come soon enough. But for now, these are some of my favourite things to hit my wardrobe this Spring.

Re-Vamping the Spring Wardrobe SimplyAbbi
Re-Vamping the Spring Wardrobe SimplyAbbi

Re-Vamping the Spring Wardrobe SimplyAbbi

Embroidery & Bell Sleeves

Normally when a trend starts to emerge, I always feel as if I can’t pull it off with ease (fluffy loafers, anyone?) but then, embroidered clothes entered the stores. Like a women possessed, I am determined to get my hands on all the embroidered goodies I can find. The Primark top featured in these photos is definitely my favourite of the bunch, it’s fitted but loose, it’s beautifully flattering and wonderfully simple. It also incorporates my other favourite trend right now which is bell sleeves. I just love it and it was cheap as chips so even if the whole embroidery thing lasts me only through the Summer, I’m ok with that.

The best thing about this trend? It comes on just about everything. I’m talking jumpers, shirts, shorts, skirts, jackets and even shoes. And hey, if you’re a lot more talented than I am, you can even do it yourself. It’s a trend that’s so focused on creativity, I love it!

I’m a bit obsessed with this Topshop embroidered shirt  (just so simple and cute) and I recently picked up this insanely beautiful blouse from Zara last time I popped in there too because I simply couldn’t leave it there even if my bank account was screaming at me.

I’m not even sure what it is about bell sleeves that draw me to them, but my wardrobe is full of them at the moment. Perhaps it’s their ability to completely transform an outfit or perhaps it’s the way their unconventionally flattering. Either way, I’m all over them. You just have to be careful you don’t dunk the sleeves in your coffee… I adore this Endless Rose Blouse, how pretty!? And there’s something that screams summer holiday to me with this MadeWell blouse. Make sure to shop my favourites below!


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Re-Vamping the Spring Wardrobe SimplyAbbi

What is your favourite Spring trend this year that you are incorporating into your wardrobe?


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