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I will admit it…my hair has not been in its best condition lately. After a stupid amount of bleaching and the lack of haircuts (I blame university ok!), it was looking a little worse for wear. I was just grabbing anything I could afford in Boots to wash it with and let’s be honest, none of it was doing the poor thing any favours. Split ends and dryness galore, my hair has been begging for a little TLC for a while.

Right now, university is still pretty busy and I can’t get home to my normal hairdressers for a few more weeks for a much-needed trim, so I needed something that was going to keep my hair woes at bay. Thankfully, I discovered a new hair care range that was right up my street.

Natural ingredients? Check. Free from parabens and other nasties? Check. Affordable? Check. Great for dry hair? Uh, check, again. The Natural World Coconut Water range is right up my street with their Hydration and Shine Shampoo*, Conditioner* and Oil* all helping my poor head of hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I still need to hurry on down to my hairdressers for a much-needed trim and I probably need to step away from the bleach and the styling tools, but in terms of how my hair overall looks and feels, this Natural World range has done an amazing job at keeping frizz and dryness at bay!

I’ve been trailing these products for a few weeks now and it is pretty safe to say that I’m pretty impressed! Here are my thoughts!

Natural World Coconut Water
Natural World Coconut Water Hair Range Oil
Natural World Coconut Water Hair Range

Infused with organic Coconut extract, this shampoo* and conditioner* really left my hair feeling lovely and soft and not the dry, brittle mess it had been feeling like the weeks before. It is easier to brush through now with the lack of tangles and much more manageable.

I’ll admit that this did not feel as nice as I would have hoped whilst I washing my hair, I found it took quite a few pumps to really lather up the shampoo but I’ll happily admit that my hair does feel pleasantly clean after. Also, the conditioner still feels quite heavy on my hair but it is certainly only a mild inconvenience and something I’m happy to put up with because the end result is soft, manageable¬†hair and I’m all over that!

My only wish? A scent! I was really hoping for a beautiful, summer coconut scent to go along with these but these are completely scentless. I know this is very much a personal preference but I love the smell of freshly washed hair so personally, I would of have loved if this gave your hair a fresh coconut scent!

But for me, the real star of the show is the oil*. This is beautifully weightless, helps to tame frizz with ease and again, just does wonders on those dry ends. I usually apply this on damp hair just before blow-drying but for an extra shine, I’ll apply a small amount after too. This is the first item I’ve added to my re-purchase list in a really long time!

All this complete with the fact that the products are free from parabens, phosphates, phthalates, dyes and gluten makes me really happy and it is a lovely feeling knowing that you are treating your hair with shampoo and conditioner that it is 95% naturally derived ingredients!

All-in-all, I am really impressed with this range and I am so glad it’s been welcomed into my routine! The products themselves come in generous sizes, they’re affordable and they have truly done my hair the world of good! Have you tried anything before from Natural World?


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