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A little bit of Pixie Dust

There’s something so lovely about receiving an item with your name on. A personalised gift. Something unique to you, one of a kind. And I don’t know about you, but when I was younger trawling the gift shops after fun days out, I could never find my name amount the personalised headbands, bracelets, room plagues and more. I might have been lucky to find an ‘Abigail’, but considering I don’t even refer to myself as that, I always felt it never quite counted.

But, thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, I am finally in a position where I can get all sorts of fabulous items personalised with my actual name (correct spelling and all). I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Disney’s Customised By Me, the website that lets you pick from hundreds of bespoke Disney-related items with the option to add your name, if you so wish. I’m talking a wide range of mugs, phone cases, towels, totes… loads! All themed to your favourite Disney characters (including Marvel and the new Beauty and The Beast) It’s pretty safe to say that I love Disney ridiculous amounts (seriously: see the vlogs here for a little Disneyland Paris magic) so you can imagine I was pretty overjoyed.

I was gifted a voucher by the lovely team at Customised By Me with the option of choosing what items I’d like to get customised and naturally I added another mug to collection (don’t tell my dad!) and also a tote bag which, let’s be honest, is never not useful.


Customised By Disney Customised by Me
Customised By Disney SimplyAbbi Customised by Me

Minnie Mouse

The Tote Bag

When I was browsing the website making the very difficult choice of what to get, I couldn’t help but keep returning back to this adorable Minnie Mouse tote bag. It’s very Disney, you really can’t miss Minnie but it’s simple, which I like, I can’t help it… I just love it!

I decided to get SimplyAbbi placed on this one, purely because I felt that just ‘Abbi’ would have been slightly too small and I also pictured this being used to hoard around my clothes when it comes to outfit shooting. Due to university and weather constraints, it’s sometimes necessary to shoot three or four outfits in a day so I always pack a bag full of my other clothes and accessories and this one is just perfect for that!

I’m really impressed with the quality and the size. It’s thick and a tiny bit weighty so I feel pretty safe putting perhaps heavier, sturdier items in here. For example, when I did take this along with me to do the food shop, it felt strong and durable enough to carry my boatload of croissants and Haribo Tangfastics. Priorities and all that. The two handles feel really secure too, I don’t feel as if they’re going to break anytime soon which is really quite impressive for a tote bag.

On top of this, the colours are really pigmented too. The design is perfect and the lettering is beautiful. It doesn’t look too tacky and certainly wouldn’t be out of place at all in a Disney park. In fact, I’m certainly taking this along with me when I head off in September!

Customised By Disney Princess Mug Customised by Me
Customised By Disney Princess Mug Customised by Me
Customised By Disney Customised by Me


The Mug

If any of you have happened to stumble upon both my Disneyland Paris Hauls (1 and 2), you’ll know I love a good mug. I can’t seem to go into any homeware department and not leave with a collection of mugs. It’s borderline unhealthy… but I just can’t resist a mug. And boy, did I fall in love with this ceramic one!

What I love about this is that it’s almost subtle Disney. You could hand this to a non-Disney fan who’s popped round for a cuppa and you may just be able to get away with it. But, for those who do love a bit of Disney in their life, this mug is something special. It features beautiful illustrations relating to the Disney princesses: a sea shell for Ariel, an apple for Snow White, you get the gist. Not only that, the names of the Princesses are wonderfully dotted around too. Again, the quality is pretty special. It doesn’t feel ‘cheap’ at all nor does it feel like the imagery and name are going to rub off anytime soon. Ten out of ten from me!

Of course, the real magic is the personalisation. The ‘Abbi’ features a beautiful font that sits so nicely on the cup and the size isn’t too big it’s distracting but isn’t too small you can’t read it. It’s also in a darker colour than the other writing which helps it stand out just a little bit more. If you’ve got a family member of friend who loves a bit of Disney and of course, a cuppa or two, this would make the perfect gift.

All-in-all, I’m really impressed with the CustomisedByMe service and experience. The range of products and characters are really impressive; there is literally something for every Disney fan whether they love Belle or Iron Man. Delivery was also really quick which is always an impressive factor but most of all, the products are really beautiful quality. The personalisation is fun and will always make such a lovely gift you can’t go wrong with. And honestly, if you have a Disney fan amongst your family and friends, I would recommend a quick visit to the CustomisedByMe website to see if anything magical catches your eye!

Do you love personalised gifts and items, especially in Disney form?

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I was gifted a voucher by the CustomisedByMe team but all thoughts/opinions are my own. Photography: Georgia Bell

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