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As someone who was born with short, pretty much non-existent lashes, it’s safe to say that false lashes have become a big part of makeup-loving life. Don’t get me wrong, there are some mascaras on the market that can achieve some pretty impressive results (see my top three mascaras) but it’s not a patch on what false eyelashes can do and how easy they can transform and enhance a look. It doesn’t matter what kind of look it is, simply adding a pair of falshies can make all the difference, I can’t help it… I just love them!

Back in the days of being a young 16-year-old girl trying to get away with wearing a big pair of falsies in school and now, still loving the feeling of using a brand new pair of falsies, I’m never going to turn down the opportunity of trying even more and finding that perfect set.

So, you can imagine my excitement when an email pinged into my inbox from the lovely ladies over at Nouveau Lashes telling me that I was a member of their #LashGang. And that I was joining a wonderful community of fellow lash-loving bloggers who are all so lovely, welcoming and supportive. If you ask me, false lashes have never been so exciting!

As part of my welcoming, Nouveau Lashes sent me a welcome goody bag full of some of their most popular products and it’s safe to say, I’ve fallen pretty in love too. With three sets of lashes, a lash serum and also an eye-makeup remover, it’s easy to see I’ve gone pretty lash mad!

Nouveau Lashes

What do Nouveau do?

Nouveau Lashes offer a range of strip lashes, lash brushes, products to help look after your lashes (real or fake!) alongside some really exciting treatments; LVL (a lash lift) and also SVS (lash extensions) which I’m really excited to try out! Both seem to be really popular, if you follow Nouveau Lashes on Twitter, the girls regularly share videos, pictures and reviews that other bloggers have kindly shared of their treatments so you can see which one is best suited for you!

Nouveau Lashes Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum

Nouveau Lashes Eye Make-up Remover

Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum*

When I opened the package, this was definitely the product I was most excited about; we apply serums to our face to keep it hydrated and lovely but even I’ll admit I’ve never thought about applying anything to my lashes or brows.

Our lashes benefit from conditioning and this serum has added multivitamins and anti-oxidants to help the lashes stay conditioned whilst helping product from daily pollutants. I love this, my lashes just feel that little bit nicer and mascara applies a little bit easier as well. I’m really looking forward to the long-term benefits of using this!

Eye Makeup Remover*

I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t massively wowed by this until I found myself using way too many cotton pads for heavier eye makeup looks that featured glitter, liner, mascara and lashes.

The thicker formula lifts that heavy and long-lasting makeup off like a breeze without any unnecessary rubbing that leads to red, sore eyes. I am so impressed with how quickly this removes more stubborn eye makeup and it’s simply a must have in my collection! It’s gentle, hydrating and makes removing stubborn eye makeup so simple.

Nouveau Lashes Natural Style Two
Nouveau Lashes Natural Style Two

Wearing Nouveau Lashes Natural Style 3

Strip Lashes*

Whilst I wait till I get the SVS enhancement, I’m making plenty of use out of the three complimentary strip lashes! I’ve tried plenty of fake lashes in my time and these are certainly up there as some of the best! They’re soft but mould well to the shape of my eye, feel comfortable and the glue that comes with them is great and unlike some other brands, I haven’t felt the need to discard it in favour of my Duo Lash glue. Not to mention, all three styles seen here are all very flattering. I can’t get enough – especially with how reasonably priced these are!

Volume Style Two are perfect for adding more length; these perfectly elongated the lashes but were still beautifully soft and certainly complimented the look. Natural Style Three are definitely my favourite! These add length and fullness without looking over-the-top but not so natural they feel a bit ‘meh’, I love these! Lastly, Glamour Style One are beautiful, adding both fullness and length again, without looking too over the top but still adds a lovely, elegant look!

All-in-all, I am SO impressed by Nouveau Lashes, not only do they excel in blogger marketing, the products are pretty darn brilliant and I’m blown away by the quality. I’m so excited to be a part of the #LashGang and can’t wait to continue to bring you all the lash content! Have you tried any of the products or treatments from Nouveau Lashes before?

Nouveau Lashes Strip Lashes

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Nouveau Lashes Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum
Nouveau Lashes Eye Makeup Remover
Nouveau Lashes Natural Style Two Strip Lash
Nouveau Lashes Volume Style Two Strip Lash
Nouveau Lashes Glamour Style One Strip Lash
Nouveau Lashes Ultimate Selfie Frame

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These products were sent to me due to becoming part of Nouveau Lashes #LashGang but all views and opinions are my own. Portrait Photography: Georgia Bell 
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