The Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

The Battle for the Number One Liquid Lip

There’s nothing I love more in the make-up world than liquid lipsticks. I’ve mastered making my foundation last for as long as I need it to. I know what eye-shadows and liners to use if I want my eye-makeup to still look Instagram-worthy after a good six to eight hours. But, I could never master how to make lipstick last looking lovely all day too. That was until liquid lipsticks arrived on the scene. I fully welcomed beautiful bold shades that dry completely matte and (mostly) last me longer than any other lip product currently sitting in my collection into my life. They’re a makeup revolution, and don’t brands know it?

When it came to wanting more liquid lipsticks in my collection, there was one brand that really stuck up in my mind; Colourpop. The brand across the seas that has taken the blogging industry by storm; everyone has heard of Colourpop and their super-soft, creamy eye shadows and lip products the world is after. I just knew I had to fill up my virtual basket with all the Colourpop goodies.

After spending way longer than I’d like to admit trawling their website trying to pick what lip products to add to my basket, I decided to go for three of the much-loved Ultra Matte Lip products in Times Square, Trap and Midi. All strikingly similar shades I will admit… clearly the requirement for this particular shopping trip was ‘cool-toned nudes‘! Despite the similarities in the tube, the three shades undertones are all slightly different providing a different look when on the lips.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip


At just $6.00 each, these are insanely reasonably priced and well within most people’s budgets. Sadly for those of us in the UK, the money starts to add up when custom charges are added on and also the shipping fees if you don’t want to spend $50 (around £40) to qualify for free international shipping. Basically, it’s not a situation where you can just pop online to buy the odd lipstick. You’ve either got to buy a lot or face delivery charges that may not seem worth it.

I paid around £40 for everything (nine different products) and then my custom charges came in at £17.05. All in all, the total came to £57.05, most definitely a high price and not one everyone is going to want to pay out for.

Pricing out of the way… here’s what I think!

L-R: Times Square, Midi,  Trap

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

The Colours

Perhaps slightly similar, but all-in-all, I’m really happy with the three shades I went for. I would definitely like to add some statement reds and pinks to the mix but as of right now, I’m having a real ‘nude’ moment.

Trap, despite looking perhaps more pink in the glass, is actually a cool, stoney, almost-grey shade that really is perfect for living out the last few Winter months. It’s bold, it has a beautiful lilac undertone that actually makes this a little bit more flattering than the swatch may show and I just love it. It’s unique, I don’t really have anything similar in my collection and it certainly stands out against my other nudes.

Times Square could easily be in the same family or bloodline as Trap. They’re very similar and both cool-toned. This shade is slightly warmer and slightly more universally flattering than Trap. Instead of that injection of lilac, this has much more of a rose pink addition and it’s a beautifully stunning shade that I love chucking on paired with a matte eye.

Midi is the warmest shade out of the three and has a much larger quantity of pink in it. Again, it’s still pretty cool-toned and is the lightest one out of three but it doesn’t manage to wash me out. It’s very pretty, it’s very flattering and again, another really lovely every day option. This is the shade that I find myself reaching for day-to-day as it’s still bold and makes an impression but it’s also soft. It’s just really lovely and even though I change my mind daily, as of right now, this is my favourite shade.

The Formula

If you’re looking for a true matte lip that just isn’t going to budge without a fight, then these are definitely up your street. They have a thin texture and you initially think you’re going to have to layer these up to achieve that intense look but in fact, there’s absolutely no need to layer at all. I wouldn’t even recommend it. When you add that additional layer that’s when your lips will start to feel pretty uncomfortable and almost as if they have a powder texture.

These also dry instantly too, you can’t really feel any moisture at all on the lips so you feel as if you’re ready to go. Oddly, I did find that there was some transfer throughout the first hour or so, I found the lipstick on glasses or cutlery but whenever I actually checked the lipstick, it looked fully intact and as if it hadn’t been touched.

I find I get around 6 hours wear before this starts to fade and not look as great but I can’t feel them fading, there’s no flakiness or ‘peeling’ which is such a liquid lipstick pet peeve of mine!

I will say that these do feel a little drying on the lips but it certainly isn’t as bad as some other lipsticks I’ve tried; it’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t look awful and honestly, it’s nothing that a little bit of lip prepping (a quick scrub) and lip balm won’t help.

They are super-easy to apply, the doefoot applicator is quite small and firm which I personally love as it keeps the lipstick where I want it and doesn’t allow for much mess, if you don’t want to, there isn’t actually a need for a lip-liner.

All-in-all, I am SO impressed with the formula of these and if it wasn’t for the slight drying and the powder feel, these would most certainly be my favourite liquid lipstick. For me, Kat Von D Everlasting Lipsticks still have that winning title. Colourpop most definitely wins for price (if you’re in the US) and I prefer the packaging too. Regardless of the slight flaws, these are so lovely and the colour range is amazing too!

To sum up, these are fab and I love them and I do think these are well worth at least one order to give Colourpop a go, I am totally in love and most definitely planning my next Colourpop order! Have you tried anything from Colourpop before?


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