The Best Apps For Instagram

For Perfecting That Feed

Oh, Instagram. I do love you. Allowing me to be the little creative, photography loving self on a simple and easy platform. I may hate your new non-blogger friendly algorithm but all-in-all, you’re probably my favourite social networking app.

If you’re a complete and utter, borderline unhealthy Instagram addict like me, you’ll be well aware it can take a number of apps to edit your photo’s and run your feed effectively, especially if you’re a blogger or business. After trying out so many different image editing apps, I’ve managed to find two that I use for every single Instagram picture and that I love. I then have two apps that I seem to alternate for scheduling and seeing how my feed looks altogether (theme problems, eh…).

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m well aware that you’ve probably heard about all four of these apps; they’re insanely popular in the world of Instagram, but I’ve been wanting to piece together this post for a little while, just to share my love of these apps, if not anything else. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that one of these apps is just what you need to go on and perfect your Instagram feed!

So, without further ado, here the best apps that are great if you’re as obsessed with Instagram as I am (or just like everything looking pretty and organised… either way!).

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Best Apps For Instagram
Best Apps For Instagram
Best Apps For Instagram

The One For Filters


VSCO Cam is truly one of more superior picture editing apps that is still free. Whilst you do have to pay for some of the filters (I promise they’re worth it), the ones that do come free with the app give you enough creative freedom to still do some pretty spectacular edits to your photos. The filters are pretty darn brilliant if you ask me, don’t distort the photo too much and I can guarantee there’s a filter for any kind of photograph finish you’re aiming for.

What I mostly like about VSCO though is the ability to add a filter (if you so wish) and then still go on to edit that photo. You can play around with tools such as brightness, contrast, shadows, saturation and more meaning you can really go ahead and get the look you want all in one app.

The design of the app itself is nice and clean, meaning you can edit away without too many distractions and once you’ve explored the interface a few times, it’s incredibly easy to use and navigate. You can save directly to your camera roll or go ahead and share straight away to your social networks, it’s super easy either way.

And it seems that no matter what other editing apps I’ve tried, I always just revert straight back to VSCO Cam.

The One For Tweaks


FaceTune may be advertised as the perfect app for well… tuning your face but the tools that may be typically used for a bit of photoshopping away spots and smoothing skin can also be perfect for the general day-to-day Instagram photos.

Not sure what I mean? The whitening tool is perfect for correcting all wrong colourings caused by dodgy light giving bed sheets a yellow tinge and it’s also perfect for lightening up a whole picture if you’ve got that crisp white theme going on. The smoothing tool is perfect for creases in bed sheets or clothes or smoothing out used cream blushes for instance. There’s also a sharpening tool that’s perfect for highlighting small details such as text without sharpening the whole image. Basically, any of the tools that you can use on your portrait, can also be used on general photo’s to neaten them up and perfect them however you wish.

By all means, these tools are also perfect for their original use; removing the odd spot, hiding dark circles or whitening teeth, as long as you don’t go too overboard (the image can get pretty distorted), you can get rid of those little imperfections if you so wish.

This app is a paid for one, though, it’s £4.49 which seems pretty pricey for an app, but it’s like anything, if you’re going to use it and it’s going to improve your feed, those features may be worth the extra pennies!

The One For Scheduling


Whenever anyone says to me they’re looking for an app where they can schedule Instagram… Later is the one I always recommend. It’s super easy, clean interface allows you to upload your freshly edited photo’s, pick the date and time you’d like them to be uploaded, and stack them all up in a nice, easy to edit and view list.

The extra handy feature on this is that you can preview how the pictures are going to look in your feed and therefore see if they go suitably with your theme and you can go ahead and change the date and/or time to adjust. When you’re all ready, confirm and when the time comes for your image to be uploaded onto Instagram, the app will send you a push notification which, when you accept, then uploads the picture to the Instagram editor and copy’s the caption for you, so all you have to do is paste and tweak as you so wish!

The app is free to download and use, but you can only upload 30 pictures a month and only associate the app with one account, if you need more than this, you can upgrade your account choosing from the five different pricing plans!

The One For Structuring Your Feed


Mosaico is the latest edition to my Instagram family. I had put off purchasing this for a while (it’s pretty pricey for a fairly simple app) but I needed something where I could really easily switch photo’s around to go hard with planning my Instagram.

This app allows you to upload images, drag and drop them around, add a caption and can even schedule your posts too! For those who like full control over their Instagram and do like to strategically plan the posts, this is the easiest app I’ve found to do so.

This also has a Ghost mode, pull down the tab and you can just tap an image to see what your theme will look like without that image, without completely deleting it and the information attached to it. It’s such a handy little feature you don’t think you’ll need but comes truly useful where there is that one image you’re just not too sure about. If you so need to, you can also add a caption to your image and if you use them, the app has a pretty nifty little hashtagging tool!

The interface is super easy once you get the hang of it; it’s clean, it’s simple and truly lets your images do the talking and quite frankly, it’s as close to ‘Instagram’ as it can get. My only complaint? The scheduling tool isn’t great, you can choose from four different post times, but can’t actually change these posts times and you can only schedule one picture at a time, which is really annoying as I am someone who likes to bulk schedule at the beginning of the week. I would love to see these changes in a new update and I think they would truly put this app on top.

At £4.49 it’s not the cheapest of apps and there are things I would like to change, but for its main selling point of arranging your feed, this does it perfectly and I keep returning to this, so that’s certainly something to shout about!

As you can probably tell, I do love me some Instagram apps, so, if you have any favourites that I haven’t mentioned, please do leave them in the comments! I’m always up for trying a new app!

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