Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

The Prettiest Brushes Around

I’ve been an incredibly loyal fan of Real Techniques brushes after purchasing my very first makeup brush back when I was in college. It was the pink blush brush and I’ve used it religiously since!

Their brushes all feature impeccable quality that means they stay beautifully structured, even after multiple washes and use and they’ve so quickly become a makeup collection staple; it’s incredibly rare not to see them in anyone’s makeup bags! I thought my love wasn’t going to be beaten… and then they introduced the Bold Metals range.

Oozing luxury with their alluring cutting-edge rose gold, gold and silver metallic finishes, these soon became a permanent fixture in makeup bags and on Instagram. The bristles feature an orchid pink ombre design and the actual brush itself is so soft and gentle on the skin. They’re slightly weighted, again, oozing that luxury feeling with ease and the brushes themselves really do all the work for you.

The price increase from the original line is a tiny bit of a jump but the quality, design and the use of the brushes make the increase all worth while, I think that’s visually obvious. The range starts from £12.00 up to £22.00 making them a beautiful investment you’ll be continuing to use years to come.

Also, on perhaps an unrelated note, my brushes were personalised at the Boots Emporium service and having also personalised my friends presents here too, I can say it’s worth every penny to create something unique, sentimental and a real treasure. If these brushes were not special enough, having your name, initials or perhaps a date beautifully placed on the brushes really adds to the experience of receiving (and giving) one of these!

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes 301 Flat Contour BrushReal Techniques Bold Metal Brushes 301 Flat Contour BrushReal Techniques Bold Metal Brushes 300 Tapered Blush Brush

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

Bold Metals

301 Flat Contour Brush

The 301 Flat Contour is the brush that really caught my eye purely because of its unique design you don’t tend to see often on the market. Sporting a flat, straight, packed edge, it really allows you to get your bronzer sitting perfectly defined in the hollows of your cheeks with minimal skill and effort.

Just dab this lightly in your bronzer/contour shade, simply align this with your cheek bones and press down to transfer the powder from the brush to your skin. Contouring and defining have never been easier; the weighted brush allows you full control and once you’ve got this in your collection, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase it sooner!

Bold Metals

300 Tapered Blush Brush

The 300 Tapered Blush brushes purpose may not be as obvious at first as the 301, but I’ve found my favourite use for this is for either applying my Hourglass Powders (I prefer a lighter hand) or a beautifully subtle amount of blusher.

This isn’t packed as tightly as some of my other brushes and this certainly works in its favour; it applies a light dusting of colour that’s effortlessly blended and smooth. Not forgetting to mention the brush is just the perfect shape for sitting nicely on the cheeks and the curved edge actually makes this quite nice for dusting highlighter on the cheekbones and down the nose. It’s beautifully versatile, making it the perfect addition to any makeup bag!

Have you tried any of the Bold Metals Brushes? Do you prefer these or the original collection?


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Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush
Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush

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