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I’m just going to chuck it out there… Bourjois offers some of the best foundations on the market. They’re budget, the formulas are pretty incredible, long-lasting and there’s enough of them for you to find one perfect for you and your skin type.

The latest addition in my foundation collection is the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. A light-weight formula with SPF 30 which can withstand heat and offers you brilliant longevity. As the name would suggest, this is perfect for us living and/or working in the city. I will admit that I do occasionally wonder what the congested polluted nature of a city centre is doing to our skin but this foundation offers a innovative anti-pollution screen, helping to not only prevent ageing but also protect your skin from the harsh chemicals in the air.

But my favourite thing about this foundation? The finish. I’m forever on the hunt for a foundation that offers me a solid medium coverage base, a beautiful dewy finish that doesn’t verge on shiny and is going to last me atleast five-six hours before it starts to look like I haven’t put any of.

Thankfully, City Radiance manages to tick every one of those boxes. This helps to brighten up dull skin and adds a beautiful dewy, healthy, plump finish I find hard to achieve with some other foundations. For everyday use (just a lightweight base) a pea-sized amount is enough to create a sheer-to-medium coverage base with that dewy finish I love. If you would just a little bit more coverage, a little more foundation will do the job perfectly.

This is wonderfully hydrating too; you can’t feel it pulling on the skin and it doesn’t feel dry at all, even other my forehead and chin (the two places that are typically dry on me) making it perfect for daily use.

In terms of critique, the only thing I can truthfully comment on is the shade range. I know drugstores have the reputation of not having enough range, but as shown in brands such as L’Oreal who’s True Match foundation has an incredibly impressive shade range, it’s certainly possible. The six shades Bourjois offers aren’t all too much different from each other and anyone who’s got a lighter or a darker skintone than the shades offer will struggle to find a matching shade. It would be nice to see Bourjois expand on the range, considering the foundation itself is impressive.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a foundation for every-day use, that doesn’t congest the skin, offers a beautifully dewy finish that brightens up the skin, the Bourjois City Radiance foundation is a really lovely offering that won’t break the bank.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation
Bourjois City Radiance Foundation
Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation


How the finish of a foundation looks can depend on how it’s applied to the skin and certain brushes or sponges can offer a vast difference. Of course, application is personal and will depend on your skin-type, but a recommendation on how to apply this isn’t a bad thing!

If you’ve got the time, using a beauty blender or sponge to apply this really does give this an especially natural but there look. It helps to really blend it into the skin by pushing it on-to the skin and the finish really is beautiful. My top tip would be to make sure the blender or sponge is slightly damp, I typically use a lasting finish spray or Rose Water just to help the foundation last too. It helps keep the skin hydrated and simply makes applying the foundation easier as I find the foundation spreads with ease.

If you don’t have as much time or don’t get on with sponges, I’d recommend the Zoeva Silk Finish brush. Personally, I’ve found this offers as close to a sponge finish in brush form. It’s beautifully soft so won’t irritate or drag the skin, and the dome shaped that’s fully packed really allows you to let the brush fully do the work blending the product in. Using a circular motion to blend in the foundation offers you that beautiful finish but cuts down the application time slightly, perfect for those wanting an extra fifteen minutes in the morning or those applying make-up on the train to work where wetting a sponge wouldn’t be the easiest task!

Have you tried the Bourjois City Radiance foundation yet? I’m in love with this now, but I reckon this will really shine in Summer with the heat! 

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