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Univeristy stress = breakouts. And lots of them. Last Friday I had one of my biggest work hand-ins of my university life yet and as I’m sure you can imagine, the stress really took it’s toll on my body, most notably, my skin.

I’m talking: breakouts galore, dry skin that foundation was just loving adhering too and that whole dull look that just screams ‘I’m really tired and exhausted of re-writing my projects aims and objectives for what feels like the twentieth time’. I had it all going on and it was time to reach for those skincare heroes.

The skincare world is massive and it can sometimes feel like you’re trying product after product without any noticeable changes or improvements and it can be frustrating especially  as skincare can be the more pricey side of beauty. But, when you do manage to find those skin saviours, the frustration becomes very much worth it.

And that is what these following products are for me; the products that have completely stood out against many, many others. The products that work to care and look after my skin. And the products I can reach for and trust that they’re going to help fix those pesky skin problems that just won’t disappear on their own.

Without further ado, here are the skincare heroes that right now, I’m super fond of.

Skincare Heroes
Skincare Heroes Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

The One For The Eyes

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that back in October, myself and my friend G were lucky enough to win the entire Clinique pep-start collection in Boots. It was a pretty special moment, considering I don’t ever win anything, but it also lead me to one of my favourite skincare discoveries of 2016.

The Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream has become one my most favourite eye products. The cream is light, refreshing and instantly cooling. It’s perfect for waking up weary, dry eyes in the morning but also helps with de-puffing and adding much need moisture in the evening.

In terms of applying under make-up, this is pretty impressive at helping to avoid the inevitable cakey-ness that concealer can give. Thankfully, this product dramatically reduces that and more importantly, keeps that delicate eye area soft, hydrated and irritant-free; perfect for tired eyes.

I will say, the whole ball thing they’ve got going on with the packaging just isn’t smooth enough to run along the under-eye area, no matter how much eye cream is on it. I, instead recommend you squeezing a tiny bit of cream onto the ball, using the ball to dab it on your eye and then using your ring finger to apply and blend the cream. Unfortuantly, I’ve seen a few people mention they don’t like this because of the packaging, but don’t let that put you off. The eye cream itself is really something to shout about.

Skincare Heroes MOA Facial Oil
Skincare Heroes L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

The One For A Moisture Surge

After a dry spell, I can’t help but reach for the Aphrodite Facial Oil from MOA i.e the only facial oil I’ve tried and actually liked. This little bottle of magic is enriched with Damask Rose essential oil making it so incredibly moisturising and truly perfect for those of us who suffer from sensitive skin.

Applying this instantly calms my skin, feels incredibly luxurious and you can literally feel it working it’s hydrating magic. In the morning, my skin feels soft, supple and has a lovely radiance it didn’t have before using this.

Oddly, this doesn’t leave your skin oily or greasy, especially if you take a little bit of time to spend massaging it in, you can safely go to bed not worrying about spreading oil all over your pillow. I find that my face looks a little shiny when I first apply this but in the morning there is no sign at all of any shine or grease. Pretty magical if you ask me!

The One For The Ultimate Detox

I’ve spoken of my love with L’Oreal clay masks and have no problem putting it out there that these have been one of the most exciting drugstore skincare launches since Garnier brought out their Micellar Water. The one I reach for most is certainty the purity mask; perfect for dealing with excess oil but when my skin really needs it, I use the Pure Clay Detoxing Mask.

Just like other clay masks, this is perfect for helping pull the gunk and whatnot from your skin and this mask does a pretty incredible job at this. When I have those days where my skin just feels congested and all round a bit horrible, I slap this on for around 15 – 20 minutes and the job’s a good’un! My skin feels clean but not tight and as if it can just breathe again. What’s best? Breakouts certainly take a halt after regular use.

I also love that I’ve used this a good handful of times now and it still doesn’t look like I’ve even touched it. You certainly get good value for money with this mask, and what’s better than that? Seriously, one of my favourite L’Oreal releases.

What are your favourite skincare heroes ?

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