So this is Christmas

Five Days To Go!

There are two things that truly make me feel like my past five year old self: Disney… and Christmas. The contagious festive energy, the way you can sit snug as a bug, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, watching timeless films that the whole family loves… not the mention the fact it’s the only time I ever purchase the Radio Times. Christmas is truly one of my favourite life traditions.

Christmas almost gives a familiar but new lease of life; towns and cities come alive, family members pop out of nowhere and everyone just wants to give and spread joy. One of my favourite things to do is explore the areas I know so well; the local town, the favourite high-street just to see how they’ve jazzed up the place this Christmas. Instagram is full to the brim of Christmas trees and a colour palette consisting of only red, gold and silver… and I couldn’t be more happy about it. It’s all familiar; it happens every year yet it breathes brand new energy.

And even though I’m truly romanticising Christmas and everything that comes with it (I truly felt the present stress… so what does my 18 year old brother who likes Xbox and football want… that he hasn’t already got… or about to given to him by mum?), I truly hope that everyone (who celebrates Christmas) has a heart full of tinsel and glitter right now.

I hope the food shop is ordered or firmly waiting patiently in your fridge, I hope you’ve got enough chocolate to last until Easter and I hope the TV planner is full to the brim with your movie favourites. Basically, I hope Christmas is going smoothly for you, giving you enough time to fully embrace the season of sparkle, a lot of sellotape and the old age question of  “just how much wrapping paper am I going to need this year?”.

After locking myself in my house to make sure my present deliveries arrived safely for a good week, I finally let myself out of it.. to drag Georgia with me to find a Christmas tree… with sparkly lights fully intact. Well, um, it didn’t take us long…

So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas

The Outfit.

I’m just going to say it… this mild December we are fully experiencing this year means that all those fluffy… thick… beautiful turtle neck jumpers I used to practically live in have remained firmly in my wardrobe. As much as I adore them, I’m not fully comfortable with spending most of the day sweating, I’m honest.

So whilst I can’t fully embrace the full turtle neck experience, I’m not quite letting go of the snuggly soft jumper thing I just love. This cream jumper dress I picked up in the Zara Boxing Day Sale last year has become my favourite Winter pieces. Soft? Check. Warm? Check. Long enough? Check. Slightly oversized? Check. Just check, check, check!

It’s beautifully thick but not so much that you feel a bit trapped and it’s long enough to keep you feeling warm and comfortable. I’ve got it in small, but even that’s a bit too oversized for me, so adding a belt and just pulling some of the dress over it adds a little bit more shape and definition. Basically, one of the best fashion pieces I’ve ever brought? Yes. Yes it is.

The famous camel coat has also become one of my favourite Winter wardrobe additions. Just what doesn’t go with this? It’s formal without being tailored and chic whilst being simple. It’s a bit wonderful really and I just continuously ask myself why I hadn’t invested in one before.

Despite the mild December I just mentioned… it was actually a bit bloomin’ cold on this day so I fished out my favourite bobble hat from River Island and the comfiest Chelsea Boots I’ve ever owned from LoveClothingI’m still so obsessed with the gold detailing. Basically, despite the drizzle, I was a very warm and cosy human on this day… who could ask for more?

So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas
So this is Christmas

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