Four Festive Favourites

The Christmas Makeup

With only three sleeps to go, I’ve started to think about what I’m going to wear on Christmas day. The tradition was always a dress and always sparkly, but as the big day has become a smaller affair for my family and I over the years, I’ve decided on a perfect mix between sparkles and comfort.

The one thing I don’t need to even think about is Christmas makeup. I’m a creature of habit and every year my makeup remains the same: gold eye, as perfected skin as possible and of course… a red lip. The products may differ slightly, but, guilty as charged, it’s the same every year.

As for the actual day, this year will be quiet and family focused; presents, food (and lots of it), games, drink and of course, the Eastenders Christmas special. I know that everyone says that the turkey and all the trimmings is the best bit, and don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty great but I love the mega-buffet that my mum puts on in the evening. Even though it’s just the four of us, there’s a abundance of cheeses, pâtés, seafood, breads… it’s incredible.

As you can probably tell, the last thing I want to think about is how my makeup is looking after a few rounds of Trivia Pursuit and a few glasses of Prosecco. This is why it’s essential that the makeup I choose is long lasting and going to survive the ridiculous amounts of food and drink I’ll be consuming throughout the day.

The four festive favourites I’m sharing are timeless products that have been so well loved, products I trust fully and products I know are going to deliver impeccable results that are going to survive Christmas Day.

Festive Favourites
Festive Favourites Hourglass Powder

Christmas day is full to the brim of photographs, mum’s always capturing the moment on her phone and I’m forever asking her to snap a quick picture of me on my massive camera that she can’t use (I say that, she’s getting better – my training is paying off!). Call me vain, but I want my skin to look as nice as possible so I always reach for my favourite two skin perfecters.

The concealer will change if and when I find one I prefer to a previous one and this year I’m obsessed with the Rimmel Match Perfecting Illuminating ConcealerThis is beautifully creamy, blends in like a dream and covers up my dark circles pretty darn well, if you ask me. But what wins with this is the highlighting addition you don’t tend to see in drugstore offerings; this is wonderfully brightening making it the perfect under-eye concealer and perfect for those days I want to look wide-awake… like Christmas day!

For powder, I like to bring out my ‘special occasion’ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit… and you can see just how well-loved this is! You don’t need me to tell you about these powders; they’re like silk, so beautiful and offer such a beautiful, luminous finish I haven’t quite been able to re-create with anything else.

For that Christmas gold eye, the only palette I reach for is my adored Urban Decay Naked palette. The OG… the leader of squad, if you will, we all know how insanely popular this palette is. It’s stunning; such beautiful eye shadows that can create a multitude of looks (especially smokey) with their insane pigmentation and incredible impressive lasting power. Half Baked is the ONE. A perfect, rich gold shade that mixes the ideal amount of shimmer and pigmentation into one impressive shadow that sits nicely on the lids and I know will last me all day, still looking stunningly sparkly into the evening.

And lastly, for that killer candy cane finish… Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 110. A beautiful bright coral that is the perfect Christmas red. The formula of these lipsticks are such a firm favourite amongst the community… it sits nicely on the lips, doesn’t dry them out but manages to still have a slightly matte finish that lasts a good few hours. It’s one of the only reds I trust to sit through a Christmas meal, Prosecco, spritzers and of course, Christmas pudding. What more could I want?

What four festive favourite products will you be sporting this Christmas? Do you go for the same look every year or do you like to switch it up?


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