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I don’t know about you, but when I get a new phone, I just have to fill the thing with apps. Even though I’ve only just upgraded.. even though I already have apps… I just have to get more!

So when my fancy new iPhone 7 arrived at my door (in the beautiful rose gold colour I’ve always wanted since it’s release), I decided, instead of downloading twenty million games, I thought I’d find apps that could be potentially helpful in this blogging world. (Saying that, I did download Tetris and now I can’t stop playing the darn thing…)

I do most of my blogging on my laptop but with the addition of my iPad and also a new love for traveling to London more often, it’s become important to utilise mobile/tablet apps that I can use anytime on the go. There are hundred’s of apps available to download and it’s so worth going through the app store and taking a look but here are five that have become such a staple in my blogging life!

Anyway, reduced storage space and 10% battery later, I had a brand new folder containing apps that make blogging on the go a doodle or just give a helping hand when it comes to all the different elements of this industry. They’re super useful and all free on the app store and can I just say… blogging has never been easier.

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Apps That All Bloggers Need
Apps That All Bloggers Need
Apps That All Bloggers Need
Apps That All Bloggers Need Bloglovin


Bloglovin’s app is quite literally a smaller version of the desktop website, meaning that reading blogs and monitoring yours is just as easy as it is on your laptop. It’s sleek, clean, works seamlessly with mobile and just the easiest app for reading all your favourites on the go.

If you’re not familiar with Bloglovin, it’s an platform that allows you to add your favourite blogs to one big list and then you can view individual blog posts as and when they go live. It saves you from remembering URL’s and checking if someone has updated. If and when they do, that post will appear in your feed. Both the website and app make it super easy to also save and ‘like’ posts meaning you’ll never lose those helpful posts and wish lists again. If you’re a blogger, it’s really easy to claim your blog and from that, directly on the app too, you can view your activity and see your stats.

I’d say that Bloglovin is the most favoured platform to read blogs amongst the community, so it’s certainly a platform that every blogger should familiarise themselves with and lucky for us, the app makes that super easy.

Apps That All Bloggers Need Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar:

This app all depends on how you personally write out and plan your editorial calendar (if you have one at all) but if you would like to take yours digital, Tiny Calendar is a great way to go. This syncs with Google Calendar (what I use for my editorial calendar) allowing you to have it on your device ready to view and edit – this also works offline too, which is pretty cool, allowing you to edit and view it whenever and where ever.

Mobile users are fine because Google Calendar does have it’s own app, but if you’re on a tablet, you’ll need to download this instead. It’s super easy to use, and perfect for if, like me, you like to keep your day-to-day and your editorial calendar separate.

I do a lot of my blogging on my iPad, so I find it so easy to keep track of what posts I’ve got coming up and when with this app, making a internet-based calendar perfect as it’s just so easy to sync and connect with every other device.

Apps That All Bloggers Need Hootsuite


I.e the life saver. If you were to ask me what one app I would recommend for any blogger, it would be this one. There’s so many amazing social media related things that Hootsuite can do but the main reason that I use this for it’s Tweet scheduling feature. You can schedule Facebook too but I find FB’s own scheduling tool good enough for the job (you can also schedule Insta also!).

You can bulk schedule; set the times, if you want images or not and add location features if you so wish. It’s increadibly easy to use and such a firm favourite. You can shorten links, auto schedule, there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to Twitter.

There are times when plans have changed and therefore I don’t want a scheduled tweet to go out or I’ve got some pare time to tap some out and the mobile app makes it just so easy; on the bus, train, in a coffee shop, anywhere, anytime.

Apps That All Bloggers Need Dropbox


You know those situations where you want a picture from your laptop onto your phone for your Instagram but you don’t have the latest camera to do it via that? Dropbox is the perfect and easiest solution (especially if you don’t use iCloud drive!).

Simply drag and drop from your files to Dropbox and it will sync instantly across your devices and vice versa. You can upload anything as well; word documents, video files, music… anything.

It’s super easy to share documents too and I’ve found some PR’s and photographers use Dropbox to share files and it’s just all round pretty useful to have.

Oh, and it’s pretty great for storing any backups as well (please do this!).


I feel everyone and their sisters friends cousins dogs know and use VSCO Cam but I couldn’t do a post on blogger apps without including this, let’s be honest!

Such a blogger staple; this app is the perfect all-round editing tool for Instagram pictures. The settings are basic but I don’t feel intimated by what I can do; everything I need is offered. The filters are also pretty bang-on trend and I guarantee you’ll find the perfect one for you Instagram.

I’ve use this for all of of my Instagram pictures (go take a look!) and it’s been such a staple for me over the past year. The app itself is free and comes with a pretty good handful of filters but I would personally recommend spending a little extra money on some of the better filters; the app shows the filter quite nicely so you can make a decent choice before parting with any pennies!

What apps would you recommend for blogging?

Apps That All Bloggers Need VSCO

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