The Beauty of Brighton

The City That Captured My Heart

One of my favourite things about where I live right now is stepping out of my house and being able to see the sea at the bottom of my road. My second favourite thing about where I live right now is being able to walk down that road for no longer than three minutes and I’m directly at the sea.

This is my fourth year in Brighton and this city still manages to amaze me, fill me with wonder and the sense of adventure. There’s a nook and cranny for every mood. There’s always a place to go that is completely different from the street next to it. There’s wonders around every corner. A seaside paradise, a vibrant city and beautiful greenery all-in-one; Brighton is a truly magical place that captures every heart.

I have no idea what the future is going to bring. I have no idea what’s around the corner. And I like it that way. But I do find myself thinking about it. Is this my last year in Brighton? Will I go back home in May and stay home? There’s streets that are similar and even the sea air here is reminiscent of the many days I’ve spent down Southend seafront. But I’m not sure I could leave here for long.

I’m very aware that my time here is slowly ticking by and it’s time to look at the city the same way I did in first year; with excitement and nerves, taking note of every detail and every corner. Wandering around the world famous Lanes with the intention to get lost. Walking along the seafront wondering just where it will take me. That’s the beauty of Brighton. You can get a little lost but still feel right at home.

Beauty of Brighton Pier

Even now, even after four years there’s still things I’ve haven’t done. Places I haven’t visited. I still haven’t taken a stroll to The Flour Pot Bakery to see if it’s just as good as all the locals say it is. I haven’t managed to talk a walk around Preston Park and I haven’t tried the now world famous (thanks to Zoe!) Boho Gelato that always has a strong cue out the door. There are still times I get myself lost in the Lanes, which just tells me I haven’t been there enough and I haven’t taken a walk down Church Road in Hove in so long that I’ve forgotten all the little boutiques that live down there. Even now, four years down the line, I’ve still got things to check off the Brighton bucket list.

Beauty of Brighton Pier
Beauty of Brighton Pier

Beauty of Brighton Pier
Beauty of Brighton Pier
Beauty of Brighton Pier

Beauty of Brighton Beach

Four years down, I’ve got my favourites. Snoopers Paradise is my go-to every time I bring someone new to the city. A massive warehouse magically tucked away in Kensington Gardens that people manage to walk past. Not knowing the vintage trinkets that sit inside. A ‘bits and bobs’ paradise, this place always puts a smile on my face. I’ve taken many a friend and many a photo in their vintage photo-booth as well; the perfect trinket of all of your memories made in Brighton! The Creperie is my favourite stop for pancakes. It’s popular but tucked away so always feels like a little secret location. Stamner Park is the perfect stop to walk around looking at nothing but everything in particular. It’s the ideal thinking location and I haven’t seen a park quite like it. The car park will be full and more yet you can walk for miles without seeing anyone. And I’ll never turn down an evening on the pier, in the arcades finished with beautiful sea-side fish and chips.

Beauty of Brighton Town Food For Friends
Beauty of Brighton Town

Beauty of Brighton Kensington Gardens
Beauty of Brighton The Brighton Tavern
Beauty of Brighton Kensington Gardens
Beauty of Brighton Town
Beauty of Brighton Town

I’m not entirely sure where I was gong with this post. All I knew, when inspiration struck at midnight is that I wanted to write about the place I love. Almost like a scrapbook entry, if you will; a little entry in the ‘Story of Abbi’ scrapbook I sometimes feature here. Basically, if you ever have the chance or opportunity, come here. Let this city capture your heart just like it did me and the thousands of others that visit here too. Explore open-minded. Just walk, camera in tow and find those places that you’ll want to return to, time after time, just because they make you happy.

Brighton has the magic to do that, I promise.


The photo’s of myself were taken by Georgia Bell. Others were taken by myself. All photographs were taken on the Canon 600D.

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  • Brighton looks so beautiful. It´s been on my travel list for a long time now. I was almost there two years ago but then something got in the way & since then I haven´t gotten a chance to go back. I´m definitely saving this post for places I have to check out once I get the chance to finally visit Brighton!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    • Definitely come and visit – it’s SO beautiful and there’s just SO much to do. It’s such a unique little city. You can always tweet me as well if you need some tips or suggestions of where to go! xx

  • Serena Reidy

    I went to Brighton once with my family years ago and I’m longing to go back! I really want to visit the Pier again and try the ice cream at Boho Gelato!

    Serena /

    • Oooh a trip is definitely in order! xx

  • Brighton looks like such a unique place to visit. I’d love to visit there one day. Love this post!

    Carrie |