The Autumn Uniform

The Outfit in Rotation

When it comes to Autumn, I just can’t help but think it’s the easiest season to style. Purely because you still have so much room for experiment. Your favourite Summer cami can be worn over a t-shirt for a cute look. Long shorts can be worn over tights with a skinny jumper tucked in. The best thing is you don’t have to completely disregard those Summer favourites but can instead re-think them with new styles.

And that’s where this outfit came from. I just couldn’t let the whole lace-up trend go. The subtle sexy look that can be teamed with just about anything was my Summer go-to. It’s flirty and fun and can be as revealing as you want it to be.

Teaming a lace-up top with jeans, ankle boots and chucking a chunky scarf over the top makes it season friendly and no one has to know that it was such a Summer wardrobe staple. In fact, I love it so much that my friends are probably sick of this outfit because they’ve seen it a million times already.

It’s easy, comfy and cute all at once. And it’s the perfect base for layering. When the temperature drops grabbing a fluffy cardigan will make this even more Autumn-perfect or just go straight in with a classic camel coat. Like they always say, its all about perfecting your base first. The rest then all comes easy. Introducing the Autumn uniform.

The Autumn Uniform

The Autumn Uniform

The Top

Missguided have done it again with this lace-up beauty. The material is wonderfully soft, thin but feels like the quality you deserve. And nothing makes me happier than the fact this is long-sleeved! It’s fitted but stretchy. But what I love is the fact that the whole lace-up thing doesn’t go that low. If you don’t want to go full cleavage, you don’t have to as it’s so easy to adjust with the fabric pulls that keep your boobs held just where you want them. But again, if you do want to go for cleavage, you can comfortably with the trust that the fabric won’t budge and you won’t suffer any unfortunate flashes. A bit of a winner if you ask me!

The Jeans

I love thinner denim. I find it more comfortable and I find most thinner jeans have more elastically, which, as someone who dislikes the restrictions jeans typically give, is just perfect. I virtually picked these up months ago (hence the washed-out black…) from Missguided. Their denim is stylish, affordable but keeps the quality.

The Boots

Let’s talk about these boots…. plain and simple: I’m obsessed. They have all my favourite qualities after all! A heel I can comfortably walk in, that beautiful mix of purple and grey that I’m truly loving with this season and the faux suede material I want all my shoes to come in. Sadly, they’re currently sold out on New Look online buuuuut there is still a few pairs sitting proudly in my local New Look store (Brighton) if you do want to try your luck. Let’s be honest, they’re too good to miss!

The Autumn Uniform


The Autumn Uniform
The Autumn Uniform
The Autumn Uniform

What’s does your staple outfit consist of this season?

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All photography was taken by Ioana Nicolae.


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