Surviving Your First Month At University #AD

The Start of Your New Life

This post is in collaboration with Kleenex

So… you’ve all moved in, you’ve probably attended your first few Fresher’s events, you’ve enrolled onto your course and now, you’re on your way to fully celebrating your new student life. Many will tell you the first month is the hardest, you’re in a brand new environment and you’re surrounded by brand new people. You’ll probably encounter Fresher’s Flu, you may want to run home back to a home cooked meal from mum and you might even forget to do your washing at some point and you’re on your way to university hoping no one notices you’ve worn that top for the last 3 days. But, it’s ok! Fresher’s is designed to help you learn all these things and have a lot of fun new experiences whilst you’re at it.

Don’t be afraid to take time out and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice if you need it. I’ve said it atleast four million times already during this series, but university has the potential to be one of the best experiences of your life and is the very first step in becoming you… you’ve just got to get through that first month. Here’s how to tackle the two most common problems you may experience in your first month..

Surviving Your First Month at University

It seems that no matter how hard you avoid it or even if you were to lock yourself away in your room for the rest of Fresher’s… you will still somehow get Freshers Flu. Seemingly unavoidable but there are plenty of ways to cope and speed up recovery when you get stuck down with it.

  • Grab ya Kleenex! Luckily, Kleenex sell those little pouches full of ultra soft tissues to help keep the sniffles at bay. They’re perfect for chucking in your uni bag; they’re not going to take up too much room and you’ll be thanking yourself later when you’ll definitely be needing them during your last lecture of the day. Plus, if any of your new course mates also have the flu and haven’t brought any tissues… you’ll be the hero of the day.
  • Rest, rest and more rest. You probably won’t even realise how run down you’re feeling but definitely let you and your body rest for a little while. Take it easy, binge-watch your favourite TV series, watch your favourite movie, just simply stop and rest. You don’t have to go to every single Fresher’s event and missing a night or two to get an early night and a full nights sleep may be better than missing more because you’re too ill to go out.
  • Stay hydrated! To help your body recover quickly, make sure to drink tons of water if you’re feeling rough – ideally eight glasses a day. Grab one of those reusable water bottles, take it to university (or Freshers Fair, or enrolment… or the food shop!) with you and keep it filled up through the day. And for when you need something more comforting… there is nothing a scorching cup of tea or hot chocolate (with cream of course) won’t help to fix.
  • Get those 5 a day! I know, I know. The last thing you want when you’re feeling rough is fruit and vegetables, but eating pizza’s and endless amount of chocolate won’t actually fix anything. Even if it does feel good. Head to your local Supermarket and grab as many vegetables as you can; homemade soup is the perfect way to get your fix, it tastes yummy, is wonderfully comforting, will warm you up and it’s so super easy to make. Let’s get that immune system up and running again!

Surviving Your First Month at University

Surviving Your First Month at University

Surviving… Homesickness

After living at home for around eighteen years, it can be the biggest shock to the soul to leave home. The comforts of mum, dad, nan, aunt, sister, pets aren’t surrounding you 24/7 and that can introduce feelings of loneliness and a sense of being lost. It’s to be expected but of course, there are ways to deal with it that don’t involve you catching the next train home.

    • Let it out. It’s normally discouraged but lock yourself away in your room, grab your Kleenex and just let it all out. Cry if you need to. Listen to sad music. Just have moments of silence. Whatever it is your body is telling you to do, do it. Let it all out. But then, don’t wallow. Have your moment, get up, get out and get yourself right back into the game. You may even feel a bit less overwhelmed once you’ve let those emotions free.
    • Make your room feel like home. Print and display your favourite photographs around your room, hang fairy lights, cover your bed in throws and cushions. Buy some beautiful smelling room spray that you just love. Anything to take your room away from typical (usually a little smelly) student digs the better. Make your room a place of comfort, somewhere you just feel like home. Soon enough, your room will be truly yours and this most certainly will help with any bouts of homesickness.
    • Call home. I don’t encourage going home yet (you’ll thank me in a few weeks time!) but do give mum/dad/nan/sibling/cousin a quick call when you’ve got a spare moment. Tell them all about your new experiences, the people you’ve met, everything you’ve been up to. You know they’re missing you like crazy and they want nothing more than for you to have the best time you possibly can. Keep them updated and even though you’re not physically with them, you’ll still feel their presence and you’ll know they’re still there for you, always.
  • Keep busy. We all know that keeping busy helps keep those negative and sad thoughts a little at bay. Exploring your new town or city, going to the welcome events, getting out the house, even simply a group food shop with your housemates; anything to keep you and your mind occupied. It will help you forget how much you’re missing home and of course, help time to fly by, all whilst you’re having fun and experiencing new things!

As I always say, the most important part is to enjoy yourself. It may be the hardest, but I promise that the first month will fly by and you’ll be settled in, writing assignments and heading to your lectures hall without getting lost before you know it! Embrace it, do everything you want to do but remember to look after yourself too.

If at any point you’re struggling or just want someone to talk to who’s been through it, please don’t ever feel afraid or nervous to talk to me. My blog is here to help you whether that’s picking a new outfit, buying a new lipstick or helping you through univeristy. I’m here! Always know you can tweet or email me if you ever need to! 😘

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This post is in collaboration with Kleenex. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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