Essential Skincare on a Budget

Keeping Things Simple

Oh, how I would love to stroll around Space NK, gazing adoringly at all the wonderful skincare adorning the shelves and picking out which lucky item I’ll be bringing home with me. All beautifully packaged of course, in that statement Space NK bag we all know and love.

But, alas, I’m a student. A student who is living on a very tight budget, which mainly allows for tinned soup and instant noodles. So purchasing anything from Space NK (or basically anything over a tenner from anywhere…) is out of the question probably until I’m living that full-time job life. But, not a problem, skincare can be budget and it can work and still care and protect your skin just as well as a high-end product. It’s all about what works for you and your skin.

I’ve managed to find products that I love, that my skin loves and don’t cost me a hefty price when I need to re-purchase them. Products that are perfect for the average student who doesn’t want to rely on make-up wipes, products for teenagers who are dipping their feet into the skincare world and products for anyone not wanting to spend all their wage packets but still own fantastic, quality products that work.

Essential Skincare on a Budget
Essential Skincare on a Budget Garnier Micellar Water

For The Ones Who Like It Simple…

You cannot go wrong with Micellar Water. It’s so beautifully simple, non-threatening and is one of the quickest, easiest ways to remove your makeup and clean your skin. Since their release a few years back, tons of different Micellar water’s have joined the market. There’s some for eyes specifically, for sensitive skin, some with oil in, but if you ask me, the original is all you need for most skin-types (this is what I swear by and my skin can be sensitive).

Applying to a cotton pad, all you do is sweep around your skin to lift off makeup and draw out sebum and dirt. There’s no need to be harsh or even firm, the water does all of the work for you. Perfect for sensitive skin; this removes what you need it too effortlessly and is perfect for the hard-working individual who doesn’t have time (or money) for a concise 10 step routine. Skin feels clean, refreshed and simple after using this and Garnier’s version is bumper sized, only £3.33 and will save you from ever having to use a make-up wipe again.

Essential Skincare on a Budget Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion

For The Ones Who Like A Cleanser…

Everyone has their own personal method for removing makeup and if you’re not a fan of the micellar water method, the perfect alternative is using a cleansing lotion. A thick liquid that really allows you to cut through makeup and daily grime leaving you with beautifully clean, fresh feeling skin afterwards.

The Boots Simply Sensitive Lotion is a cleanser everyone should have sitting in their beauty cupboard. Again, applying the creamy liquid onto a cotton pad, you sweep on your skin to break down your makeup. For a more intense cleanse, don’t be afraid to use clean hands to really work the product into the skin to really remove everything you want gone. As the name suggests, if you do suffer from sensitive skin, or you’ve had a flare-up, perhaps an allergic reaction to something and you need a product that is going to clean your skin but keep it happy and stress free, this is the answer. You don’t even need to break into a tenner for this, £1.99 is all you need for calm, clean skin.

Essential Skincare on a Budget L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask

For The Ones Who Like A Pamper Evening…

Masks can be seen as a luxury. I’ve spoken to a few people who said they don’t own a facemask because they don’t have the time or simply can’t be bothered with the fuss of them. And whilst I somewhat understand; you don’t need hours to apply a beneficial skin mask. And even then, we live in a technology-filled world that can grab our attention for hours a day… dedicating even half-hour to just you, your skin and body allows our mind to switch off from the world, to calm down, de-stress and relax. Using a facemask allows you do that whilst also providing skin benefits.

Earlier this Summer, L’oreal brought out three different face masks, all met with wonderful reviews and comments. The three different masks of course have their each individual benefits, but my favourite all-rounder is the L’Oreal Purity Pure Clay Mask. Perfect for anyone who suffers from excess oil, this helps to reduce it whilst purifying the skin. I don’t particularly suffer from excess oil, but I have noticed that both my forehead and chin which were the first points on my face to get oily, have dried up perfectly. They don’t feel or look patchy or uncomfortable, but there is no longer the presence of oil. My skin feels clean, refreshed and almost new every time I use this. At £7.99 they’re all under a tenner and you can cater your purchase to whatever your skin is craving.

Essential Skincare on a Budget The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

For The Ones Who Have The Odd Breakout…

There’s no avoiding the odd spot. Stress, hormones and even the weather can cause a breakout, no matter how much water you drink and how well you look after your skin. Of course, the first steps to take when dealing with spots is to refine your skincare and stay hydrated whilst eating healthily, but we all crave a quick fix when one of the pesky zits grow overnight.

Tea Tree oil has a brilliant handful of skin benefits and it’s one of those essential oils that should just be already sitting in your beauty cupboard. It can relieve the symptoms of cuts and scrapes, insect bites, warts and even dandruff! But one of it’s best uses is helping lower the appearance of spots and breakouts. Applying a little onto a cotton swap and dabbing over the affected areas just before bed can help almost remove completely a pesky spot or two. Completely natural and skin friendly.

There are tons of tea-tree oil based products out there but my current recommendation is The Body Shop’s offering. Don’t underestimate the size of the bottle… I’ve had mine for a good four months now and it doesn’t even look touched and I use it far more than I would like to admit! It works, it’s simple and your skin will thank you in the morning.

What’s your favourite skincare budget product? 


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