Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Dressing To Meet A Mouse

Dressing for a Disney holiday is never the easiest task when you’re me. You need clothing which is practical, comfortable and can withstand walking around for a good seven hours a day. But, on the flip-side, you need clothes that you want photographed, clothes you feel great in and clothes you just love. This year, I managed to just about nail it; I was comfortable, happy and I only regretted the black jeans when it hit around 30 degrees…

This year, I decided to go for the items in my wardrobe I hadn’t worn or loved for a few months. I’m one of those people who get into a terrible habit of falling on love with an item of clothing and then repeatably wearing that item again and again until you hear the chorus of “didn’t you wear that yesterday? And the day before?”.

I rummaged through my wardrobe and picked pieces that were simple and that could effortlessly be paired with different jackets or jeans depending on what I was feeling on the day. We were increadibly blessed with the weather which made packing that little bit harder; give me a jumper and jeans any day!

All-in-all, the outfits I wore throughout this trip were typically Abbi, comfortable and (mostly) weather appropriate – I definitely got soaked through on the one day it decided to pour it down… all day… for hours on end!

So without further ado, here’s what I wore for four out of five magical days (seriously, there was no point showing you what I wore Thursday, unless you wanted to see a drowned rat in Minnie ears) in Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Outfit #1

This was the ‘I have to wake up at 3am and get on a plane and then walk around and play till around 10pm’ outfit. Comfy/tiny bit stylish/simple. It certainly isn’t necessary by any means but the monochrome went rather well with the Minnie ears and red lippy, didn’t it? It was statement without being overly dressy and fussy. The black cami was from ASOS, the jeans are Bershka and my shoes are my ultra comfy and ultra trusty Converse High Tops which I found stuffed in the back of my wardrobe. I left the jacket at the hotel on this day and grabbed my Ray-Ban sunnies instead, which I certainly needed as this day was so stunningly beautiful, not a cloud or rain drop in sight!

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Outfit #2

Whenever I go away, I spent practically all my time obsessing over the weather app just to make sure I’ve got atleast some outfit’s right. I’m sure you can imagine my shock when I saw that Tuesday was going to be hitting 30 degree hit! I grabbed the trusty River Island dungarees and dumped them straight into the suitcase… and boy am I glad I did! It was increadibly humid on this day, so the dungarees paired with a loose and light vest was the perfect combination for this day! The vest is ASOS and once again I grabbed the converse for comfort. Because you can truly never be too comfortable walking around Disney.  

Outfit #3

The weather wasn’t entirely sure what it was doing on this day, so I went with my ‘safest’ outfit: detailed vest top, jeans and my much beloved Adidas teamed up with my pink bomber. This Miss Selfridge vest is truly beautiful, decorated with a very detailed swirl pattern and sprinkled with a few sequins that catch the light perfectly. Basically, a perrrrrfect Disney trip item. Teaming again with my super comfy (and stretchy – essential for those buffets we were hitting every day!) Bershka jeans. It was simple, comfy and still cute. Especially as we were meeting Mickey this day, we needed to look good for that photo opp! Lastly, because it was a little bit chillier this day, I grabbed my amazing pink bomber. Seriously, I’m obsessed with this and at just £16 in Primark, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be in your wardrobe this Autumn!

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Disneyland Paris: What I Wore

Outfit #4

I don’t have any full-length photo’s of Friday’s outfit purely because this was ‘let’s get on every single ride before we have to catch the plane home’ day. Which we managed pretty well, actually! But for this day, I went for my River Island blush pink ‘Casual Friday’ sweater which I’m so massively in love with. It’s not overly thick but it’s wonderfully loose and casual and I just love it. I paired it with my trusty Boohoo white jeans; comfortable and go so perfectly with the blush pink. This outfit was so comfy and the perfect flying outfit. As the sweater has that perfect loose fit, it meant that I didn’t overheat and I didn’t feel ‘trapped’ on the plane. It was perfect. And super cute. It’s a win win! (Annoyingly this has completely sold out so I’ve included some of my favourites below instead!)


As mentioned, Thursday outfit was my black jeans, converse and my new Disneyland Paris hoody that I will be showing you very soon in my Disney haul which will be on my Youtube Channel. It poured down all day and was just a bit grey and miserable so no photo’s were taken on this day. We just mainly stayed dry on the rides and I spent most of the day being nervous because of Tower of Terror….

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what your favourite outfit was!


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