The September Goals.


I’m just going to annoy you and say it… I cannot believe it’s September already. Just how? I’m sure just last week I was packing up my bags from university ready to come home for the Summer. And now I’ve started making preparations to go back.

September is my favourite month of the year (tying in with December, of course), I see it as the months of new starts; a breath of fresh air, everything just kind of changes in September.

I’ve been thinking about what my goals are for this month, it’s a busy one for sure; the next two weeks are going to be full with writing, scheduling and then some more writing. I’ll also start to wash and pack up all my university stuff. Then, I’m flying off to Disneyland Paris again which is just the most exciting thing; it’s one my happy places and marks the perfect end to Summer and then lastly, I go back to Brighton ready for my final year at university. Scared/excited/ready/not ready is an understatement.  So, what do I want to achieve?

01. Organise my life.

I’ve been living pretty chill over the last few months, waking up when most people start to think about lunch, leaving it one too many days before washing my hair and ‘forgetting’ to tidy my bedroom. I need to get back into a productive state of mind, let’s be honest.

Start waking up earlier to make the most of the day, schedule blog posts, film and edit YouTube videos, start packing for university, work out if there’s anything I need to buy (I still need one of those clothes horse things actually…) and stop falling asleep at 2am.

September Goals

02. Make The Most

It’s my last few weeks of freedom for a little while so now’s the time to really make the most. As mentioned, I’m off to Disney soon and I’m. So. Ready. I’m hoping for the trip of a lifetime (again, nothing will ever quite beat that first time walking onto Mainstreet and all the amazing adventures we had last year) with my best uni girls, running around the parks acting like children and not even caring. No dissertation talk, no university talks and no future talks. Just laughing, fun and creating amazing memories that’ll last a lifetime.

I’ll also be making the most of just simply being able to write and be creative whenever I want. Being able to just get up and come straight to my blog is such a blessing and even though the admin side can sometimes get in the way (and it’s totally boring), it’s still so much of an bigger chance than it will be when I’m at university.

September Goals

03. Get Dissertation Ready

I think I’m at more fearful of writing my dissertation than I like to let myself think. I’ve battled my whole life with the whole ‘not good enough‘ thing and I’m forever worried I can’t do it. I do sometimes feel like I’ve managed to just scrape through everything and that I shouldn’t be at university. On the other hand, I think, I’ve earnt my place here fair and square and I’m more than capable.

Last term I took a book out of the library which is all about writing your dissertation and I’ve been staring at it, walking past it, ignoring it since May and I think that this month is the time that changes. By reading it, I’m hoping that I will gain motivation and want to do my dissertation, but we’ll see. Any advice?!

04. Ace Blogging

Ater months of, again, ‘I’m not good enough for this‘, I’m finally at a good place with my blog. We live in a world of competition and in the blogging world, it feels as if it’s everywhere and it’s easy to get lost in it.

But, the thing is, I’m never going to be the prettiest girl, I can’t take beautiful outfit photo’s in Notting Hill or Chelsea every weekend but I love to write; Brighton is full of beautiful locations and having a passion is something I should embrace.

This Summer I’ve had the most oppurtunites ever for my blog and I’ve been lucky to attend some amazing events and work with a few of my favourite brands and I’ve met some inspiring women and it’s all made me want to work harder. I love my blog, I love creating content and I don’t want to give this up because I feel as if I can’t always compare.

05. Make Moving as Hassle free as Humanly Possible

Moving house is exciting and brilliant and fun (woo interiors) but it’s also stressful, scary, hard work and bit blooming boring if I’m perfectly honest. I’m very lucky that every year so far my dad’s massively helped me with packing (he’s Mr. Organiser) and we’ve managed to mostly get everything in the car and kept it all fairly organised but there’s always room for improvement.

Last year I let the stress and nerves get to me and ended up having a major stress and it made the whole experience really horrible. This year I want to start packing super early and be more selective of what I bring. After all, my parents don’t have to help me so I’ve really got to make the most and be so super appreciate.

September Goals Instagram

Also This Month…

– Give Tia and Truffles lots of cuddles because even though they bark all. The. Time I love them lots and miss them loads at university.

– Start organising my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

– Work out if any of my clothes/makeup are worth popping on EBay or Depop, I have so many good quality items I just don’t love that may be better off going to a new home.

– Organise a prober skincare routine, because I am useless and hate doing it.

– Cut down on Coke, chocolate and strawberry laces. Even though I really dont’t want to…

I’d love to know; what are your goals for this month?

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