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In the blogging world especially, it can be so easy to get completely wrapped up and immersed in those beautiful high end products we can’t always afford. Glossy ads, luxurious packaging and promises of a stunning product all draw you in. They help you forget the world of affordable makeup the highstreet can offer us.

SEVENTEEN is one of those brands in that world. One of those brands bursting to the seams with amazing products that don’t come with a hefty price tag. It’s for the school attendees, the university students, the part-time workers, the people who want beautifully made products but also want to purchase other goodies with their paycheque. Affordable. High in quality. On-trend. Customer friendly. SEVENTEEN is everything I desire in a brand.

And that’s not just because I’ve been lucky enough to meet and hang out with some of their team at the SEVENTEEN blogger event last month, I promise you. SEVENTEEN is a brand I’ve loved and used since school, that love continuing to university and here, to the present day.

I’ve got four products to show you from SEVENTEEN. Four products that have made their new home in my everyday makeup bag. Perfect for school, work and play. Four products I think know you are going to love!



Skin WOW! Highlighter

When I watched Vanesa Guallar apply this product onto the model; I was mesmerised and knew this was the product I wanted to bring home with me. It’s shimmery, eye-catching and all round beautiful but it’s control-able and also blendable, making for the very near-perfect product. The options are pretty endless for this; mix it into your moisturiser or foundation for some fabulous glow, dab it onto the cheekbones, inner eye, under those brows and on your cupids bow for a lust-worthy highlighter or simply use it on it’s own as a primer. Using it as a primer didn’t really work for me as I prefer something more smoothing but as a highlighter? Well it’s safe to say all my others have gone to the back of the draw. This is truly stunning, so easy to work with and the effects last you all evening.

Eye Eye Crayon

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, pigmented, creamy annnnd going to be your perfect inner-eye highlight all rolled up into one – then this little crayon is perfect for you. It’s wonderfully soft, allowing you to apply the crayon directly into the inner corner without too much hard work or any pain on the very delicate area. It’s beautifully pigmented; but don’t let the snow white colour put you off too much. Yes, it’s light but it’s not white, it’s not too heavy and is very easily blended out, allowing you to control how much highlighter goodness you want. Fun Fact: This has pretty much replaced all my other inner-eye highlighters, it’s that good!

Skin WOW! Concealer Pen

I can’t actually believe just how much I love this little pen! It’s very much a YSL Touché Ecalt dupe with pretty much the same packaging, the same (satisfying) click top and very similar brush and performance wise I honestly think this is near-on the same quality, if not better than YSL’s famous offering. It’s so creamy, so pigmented and sits and blends beautifully onto the skin. This has brilliant coverage alongside it’s highlighting properties so dark circles are hidden and the under-eye area is highlighted without the need for any other concealing products. At just £4.99, I can’t help but think everyone should have this little under-eye saver in their makeup bags!

Easy on the Eye ‘Birthday Suit’ Palette

Oh, I love a good palette. Something you can chuck in your makeup bag, travel bag, handbag and be good to go. Combing several complimentary shades that provide you with several different looks to take you from day to night. This palette completely exceeds my expectations; it has four cream shadows that compliment the eight powder shadows beautifully. You can truly create a vast number of looks from this one palette alone; you’ve got yourself a brilliant base and some stunning pinks and golds to work with. Not forgetting to mention the actual shadows themselves; pigmented, soft and blendable. The cream shadows have a thin consistency, which I much prefer as they rarely crease. I love this; the looks are endless and the palette is wonderfully neutral making it the perfect everyday go-to.

Have you tried anything from SEVENTEEN? What’s your favourite product?

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Products were gifted to me as part of the SEVENTEEN Blogger Network event; all views and comments are my own.
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