The Perfect Lace Dress

Lovely in Lace

There’s something that’s very beautiful, understated and simple about lace. It can be elegantly stunning; classic, almost. Lace is something I’m always drawn too; it’s feminine, classy, sexy and timeless. Introducing the perfect lace dress.

Lace takes it’s form in many ways; lingerie, vests, crop tops, sleeve details; but I believe that everyone should have a beautiful white lace dress stationary in their wardrobe. A classic you can turn to for any occasion; dinners, cocktails, graduations, the theatre, an item that is already statement enough for you to not have to accessorise. Lace designs are increadibly delicate and detailed, it does all the hard work for you.

Missguided’s dresses have always been something to shout about; impressive quality, student/working-friendly prices and every style is on-trend. As soon as I saw this little lace number on their New-In section, I had this in my virtual basket and on it’s way to me quicker than you could say ‘aren’t you meant to be saving for Disney??‘.

Photography: Ioana Nicolae 

Perfect Lace Dress Missguided
Perfect Lace Dress Missguided
Perfect Lace Dress Missguided

Perfect Lace Dress Missguided


The details on this dress are what really caught my eye and I’m atleast 99.9% sure that the photographs don’t even do the magnificent detailing enough justice.

The sleeves are tight-fitting, flattering and just cut off at the wrist (no chance of the material stretching). I’m in love with the fact that they’re sheer; complimenting the overall look and adding an air of sexiness that this dress already has.

The actual dress has material under it; so no chance of anything sheer or showing here. The skirt is beautifully frilly with two extra layers of material. It’s increadibly flattering, cute and adds length to your torso.

It’s truly gorgeous, beautifully flattering and is guaranteed to get a ton of compliments as you parade around in this beauty.

The Additions

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll recognise my new baby. A classic Michael Kors Jet Set bag with gold chain detailing. It’s small but mighty with several compartments, including a card section and zippable compartments which just compliments any outfit, any event, anything. It’s cross body which is just my favourite; always feels a little bit more secure and leaves your hands free for drinks or whatnot. It’s beautiful, not crazy expensive but has that luxury feel I love from Michael Kors.

For a more casual setting, you can definitely get away with flats with this but for the perfect evening ensemble, heels are certainty the way to go. Block heels are more slightly more comfortable and offer more stability and these stunning Boohoo Strap Heel Boots* are comfortable, Autumn-friendly and eye-catching. The tie-up detail are just all-round lovely and they definitely look more expensive than they are.

Perfect Lace Dress Missguided
Perfect Lace Dress Missguided
Perfect Lace Dress Missguided

Perfect Lace Dress Missguided

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