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I’ve been shopping my stash. That’s right, I’ve been (mostly) ignoring the new releases. Walking past the new in stands in the shops and been having a good old rummage in my stupidly big makeup collection. A fun task that typically results in the user discovering many old favourites, some grubby pieces you need to get rid of off pronto and also that you have waaaaay too much foundations for one face.

I tend to avoid Monthly Favourites purely because I do actually find it quite hard to find new favourites every. single. month but when I thought about writing out this post, the four products I’m about to mention came so instantly to me; that’s how I know I’m loving them. And that fact that I’ve been pretty eager to sit down and actually type this post up so I can share four fab products with you!

It’s pretty base heavy; but after practically using every last dusting of my well-loved Max Factor Cream Puff Blush (iconic) it was time to do some switching up. So without further ado; here are my four current beauty favourites.

Current Beauty Favourites Illamasqua NARS Seventeen Elegant Touch
Current Beauty Favourites Illamasqua NARS Seventeen Elegant Touch

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

I’ve harped on about this foundation for a good year or so now so I won’t go on about this little bottle of goodness too much but I had a massive breakout earlier this Summer and no foundation/concealer/paper bag would cover it nicely and the only thing that really covered up the breakout and kept it lasting all day was this foundation. It’s matte but has a natural glow; it lasts for a good few hours and doesn’t transfer or slide of my skin. What more could I want?

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Illamasqua Powder Blush ‘Promise’

If you’re after a pink blush that’s wonderfully pigmented, the perfect shade of pretty pink and long-lasting, then the Illasmasqua website is where you need to virtually head to. I just adore how this looks on my skin, it’s a pretty light baby pink but manages to still be flattering. It blends easily and isn’t even the slightest bit chalky. Plus, not forgetting to mention the fact that I’ve had this for over a year now and it barely looks touched; THAT’S how pigmented this is, THAT’s how little product you need to create a beautiful, beautiful look.

Current Beauty Favourites Illamasqua NARS Seventeen Elegant Touch


Contouring. A funny trend. A pretty hard one to master apparently if you’re not a Kardashian. It’s in their blood, I’m sure! I like my contouring like I like my tea; sweet but strong. This little pigmented contour kit is so nifty with such high quality powders; the contour shade isn’t too warm making it perfect for not only the hollows of the cheeks, but you can certainly get a full bronzed look going with this that’s perfectly natural. The powders are wonderful – soft and sit on the skin nicely, no chalkiness, no patchiness, they just do their job. The finished look is just genuinely look all round wonderful. Such a lovely little nifty kit that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg (or two!).

Elegant Touch Oval Nails

Fake nails can hide a multitude of sins. And this is why I love them. Goodbye short, ugly, bitten to the death nails that just don’t fit nicely on my Instagram. Hello, salon style nails that look pretty fantastic and can be painted any shade you fancy! I’m currently obsessed with the Elegant Touch Oval falsies because they’re just so easy and the shape’s on trend and wonderful. What’s best is that they are clear meaning you can go to town on your nail art or just be boring like me and go for a nice nude or pink. Either way. They last a few days before the odd one will start to ping off but, if you manage to get a hold of it, you can simply just glue it back on. They’re easy, give you runaway-style nails in about ten minutes and will last you through a special event or even a holiday if you manage not to lose the glue (like me).

What is the product you’ve been loving most recently?

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