What’s On My iPad Mini

The folders, the apps, baring it all!

After semesters of carrying round my super heavy MacBook Pro to and from university, having it die on me regularly as the battery isn’t what it used to be and basically having enough of the pure bulkiness of it, I decided it was time to invest in an iPad.

I knew I didn’t want to buy another laptop, my MacBook is perfectly fine, if not a bit old, but nothing that is yet to deem another purchase, so I figured an iPad would be my best bet. Lightweight, sleek and syncs with both my iPhone and MacBook, I knew I was onto a winner. Blogging, university, reading and watching all on the go has never been easier or smoother. Basically, I love it and wanted to share all the apps and whatnot that I have on it for all you tech lovers out there!

If you have any apps that you absolutely love to use or are super useful, please do leave them in a comment below! I’m on the hunt for lots of apps that aren’t always featured in the top 100 on the App store!

Lastly, I feel this goes without saying, but this isn’t about bragging or anything. I paid for the iPad with my own money and all the apps I’ve downloaded are mainly free so, please don’t think I’m bragging or showing off in any way. I just love these sort of posts as I’m increadibly nosey and always interested to see what other people have on their phones/tablets!

To Buy: iPad Mini 4 (Apple Store)

What's on my ipad mini
What's on my ipad mini

The Basics

I decided on going with the iPad Mini 4 mainly due to it’s size. I wanted something sleek and dainty, something that could easily fit in my handbag and the Pro (as much as Apple is pushing it…) was simply too big for what I needed. I’ve always loved the gold iPhones and wanted my iPad to match (because you know, aesthetics and all that…). Lastly I went for the 16gb because I’m a poor student who couldn’t afford the massive price jump between the 16gb and the 64gb haha, let’s be honest here! With everything I have on it at the moment, I’ve still got more than enough space for more, so for now, the £100 difference between the sizes wouldn’t of been worth it. My lock-screen wallpaper is just one from Google images. I love how simple yet ‘Abbi’ is, I have a massive thing for greenery at the moment, so this fits the bill nicely! I kept the home-screen wallpaper simple also, but still aesthetically pleasing with the marble background… it just had to be done, didn’t I?

What's on my ipad mini

The Toolbar

Messages is useful to have but I rarely ever reply on my iPad and I do delete them to keep the space free as I simply don’t need them across three devices. Safari is a staple and I use it everyday, it’s a simple web browser that does what it needs to do. Mail is another essential which I use several times a day; on here I keep my two inboxes together as this way I get both my university and blogging emails in one place, which is perfect for replying on the go. Spotify sits lastly on my toolbar, I much prefer this to Apple Music, even with all it’s changes since it’s launch as this is just what I’ve used the longest and I really like the interface. Even though I don’t really use it on here as much, it’s useful to have and I love knowing I have my entire music collection where-ever I go.

The Homepage

I keep the first page for all the Apple apps that come with both the iPad devices. I do mostly use all of these, especially the calendar which has everything in it and of course, it’s perfect as it syncs with both my phone and laptop. I’m yet to use the clock app as I don’t use my iPad as my alarm and I’m also yet to use the camera. I really couldn’t imagine using my iPad for the camera function but who knows, maybe one day it will come in use?

Photo’s is an annoying one – purely because if I delete one photo from my iPad, it will also delete it from both my phone and Mac, so, I’m thinking about un-syncing my photo’s so that I can keep this clear as it’s photo’s and videos which take up the most space, but ultimately, as amazing as photo’s do look on the screen, I don’t need any reaaaaally. Contacts and maps are yet to get any real use, again but you know, Apple won’t let me delete them yet (though this is supposed to be changing with the next update!).

Video’s contain all the films I’ve purchased from iTunes (mainly just the One Direction ones to be honest…) but this may come in more use when I fly to Paris later this year as even though the flight is super short, I might purchase a movie to help time fly… the pun was definitely intended, I’m sorry. Notes though, is an app I use ALL. THE. TIME. Notes store all my random thoughts, my blog codes, wish-lists, to-do lists, a list of important dates, some university details… you name it, notes is where I put it. So useful, and with Apple’s new-ish formatting feature, drawing tool and smoothness of adding pictures and links, it rivals my old firm-favourite Evernote and once again, easily transfers between all my devices.

The rest are the pretty bog-standard Apple ones I use every now and again, minus BBC News which I keep on my homepage for easy access. Normally, first thing in the morning I will read through this and this app is perfect for getting breaking news on the go as it comes through on a notification. Meaning when I first wake up and check my iPad, I can see straight away if there’s been any breaking news whilst I’ve been asleep. Careful with this one though, it makes a super loud noise when a notification comes through, scaring me every time.

What's on my ipad mini

The Folders

The introduction of folders that Apple made a few years back was one of the best, most simple things that Apple has done. I hate seeing my apps just randomly sitting there and whenever I get a new one it goes straight into it’s suitable folder. This keeps everything one screen, everything organised, super easy to find. At the moment I have seven folders going: Social, University, Blogging, Entertainment, Reading, Games and People.

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: Social

Without a doubt, this is my most used folder, containing all the social things ever to keep me going. This of course has Facebook, Pages so I can keep the SimplyAbbi and my work page updated on the go, Messenger, Twitter and Tumblr. Tumblr’s a perfect one for browsing through when I’m bored, I love re-blogging all sorts of things and the app is so much better than it’s mobile version. I also have LinkedIn which is something I’m trying to use more as I know just how beneficial it can be in the working world and as a Media student, I really should be utilizing it more. Lastly, I have Instagram, a slightly annoying app as they never made a version for iPad but I just zoom it in which doesn’t really make much difference for just scrolling through. (You can follow my Twitter at @_SimplyAbbi and my Instagram at SimplyAbbi)

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: University

As mentioned, I mainly got this iPad to use at university so it was obvious this was going to get it’s own folder! In here I have Blackboard Mobile Learn, which is my university’s online portal, it’s perfect as any announcements come through as notifications and I can easily see my modules, timetables and lectures all through this.

I also have Pages, which is what I use to type any lecture notes, essays, bibliographies, anything. It’s basically the same as Microsoft Word but created for Apple devices and again it instantly syncs up with my laptop and phone meaning I can continue documents back at home or wherever. iCloud drive is where I keep all the documents/images/whatever I need to keep in the Cloud and again, transfer between devices. All my university documents sit in here, meaning I can access them from everywhere which is perfect. If I’m working on a few blogposts away from home, I will also stick the images in here so I can easily grab and use them.

Lastly, I have Evernote, which, as mentioned I don’t use as much anymore, but I’ve kept it just incase I want to use it again as it’s beautifully simple and easy and the categories allow me to keep my university and blogging notes separate.

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: Blogging

Since purchasing my iPad, my blogging has increased, there’s now no longer a limit on what I can do and I’ve been able to blog everywhere and anywhere and there are quite a few useful apps to help! First up is obviously Bloglovin, I read blogs pretty much 24/7 and Bloglovin is my choice to do that, the app is easy to use and I can also check up on my analytics through here as well.

I have TinyCalender which I use as my content planner, I actually use Google Calendar on desktop for this but they are yet to create an iPad app but this app syncs it across perfectly. I can see every post, what I’ve already schedule, every video and it’s separate from my day-to-day calendar bits, which is just what I needed. I also have WordPress, which is my blogging platform so this apps allows me to write and edit posts and do whatever I need to do, I can easily view all my published posts and see stats and comments as well.

Scheduling tweets is something I do so often and is such an important job for a blogger, so I use Hootsuite to schedule all mine on the go, it’s so easy to use, matches up instantly with desktop meaning you can pick up from where you started and is just my favourite tool to use to schedule tweets (you can also schedule Instagram as well!).

Next up is Followers+, which is useful for Instagram stats, I can see what hashtags worked best, what photo’s got the most engagement, etc, it isn’t the easiest or user-friendliest app to use, but as I’m actively trying to grow Instagram at the moment, I’m baring with it. I also have Stats, which is increadibly similar but for Twitter instead, I can clearly see follower and engagement growth, hashtags and other bits and bobs which is really useful in seeing what’s working with your audience and what isn’t. The app is clear and easy to digest as well, if that’s something you need. If you need one for Youtube, Youtube Studio is perfect, clearly displaying watch time, views and subscribers. You can easily reply to comments which the Youtube app isn’t particularly great for.

Lastly, I have Mindly, a beautiful app for creating stunning mind maps. I work well with visual guides so this is just perfect for blog ideas. I use the mind map tool to create ‘sections’ of different parts of my blog; so I have an Autumn post section, University post section etc. It’s a brilliant tool for visually categorising different bits and bobs.

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: Entertainment

Any videos bits go here, I have my favourite; Netflix, Amazon Video (I actually hardly used this – I’ve never been that impressed with the film choices!), Sky Go (for that Geordie Shore and Late Late Show boxset), Hayu (Kardashians, duh?), ITV Hub, iPlayer (am addicted to Eastenders at the moment…), All 4, Youtube and Disneylife! What’s best, most of these allow you to download for later viewing, making this all perfect for flights and long train trips!

Folder: Reading

In here I obviously have my Kindle app which I just love, the Metro app (I genuinely read every issue daily with my breakfast – every article gets the point quickly and it means I’m constantly updated on the world’s news), Cosmopolitan (my favourite magazine, it has everything doesn’t it? Beauty, fashion, opinion, life; love it!), Buzzfeed and the MailOnline.

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: Games

I actually hardly ever play any of the games in here but they’re so useful to have incase I’m ever that bored I need something to do. Games are the easiest way to pass the time and sometimes I really have run out of anything to do so it’s straight onto Candy Crush to well, mainly annoy me because I’m terrible at it! I also have Emoji Blitz, which is basically the same thing but Disney-fied, High Lower (an addictive game you won’t stop playing, I guarantee it, you have to guess what search term has more searches for on Google, it’s harder than you think!), WordWhizzle (again, annoying haha), SimCity, because, who didn’t own this game when they were younger?! And lastly, the Kendall and Kylie game because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about but it was only enjoyable for 5 minutes…

What's on my ipad mini

Folder: People

This folder is basically redundant now as I don’t use any of the apps in here anymore… pointless, right?! First up is the Jenner’s apps. I downloaded both and paid for one month’s subscription on both to see who’s I preferred more and if either one was worth the £3 a month. Err, basically, they’re not. The apps aren’t actually that easy to use and I find them both boring. The content isn’t anything special and get’s reposted online anyway. The other thing I do like is Kylie’s videos, but I don’t think that even them are worth the monthly charge. I still have a little bit left of both of these before they get locked again, so I’m keeping them for now, but they will be deleted when my month runs out.

I also have Danielle’s app, We Wore What. She’s one of my favourite bloggers and I thought the app launch for her was so exciting. It’s a lovely idea, I just don’t really use it as I just simply visit her blog through either Bloglovin or Safari. The app is visually pleasing, easy to use and there’s nothing wrong with it, I just hardly find myself specially going on it!


So there we have it, everything that’s on my iPad! I figured that this is probably a really long post so I hope this wasn’t too boring for you, let me know if you like these kinds of post as I will definitely do more! I’m a tech lover at heart so this was so fun for me to type out! Let me know your thoughts! 😊

Abbi x

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