University Advice: Surviving Freshers

Because You’ve Got Three Years Of This

Freshers will be one of your most exciting and memorable university experiences, not to mention crazy full-on and a little bit exhausting, but it’s a time period you’ll never forget. I’m sure you heard all about the dreaded ‘Freshers Flu’ and some horror stories from nights out so it’s so important to make sure you make Freshers brilliant and not something you regret after night two…

Freshers week (or week’s, we Brighton lot got treated to two full on Fresher’s weeks) will obviously depend on what your specific university does but guaranteed it will contain some fabulous club nights, freshers fair (freebies galore), lots of bonding-type activities and perhaps some welcome lectures thrown in there too. Depending on when you move out and when Fresher’s starts, it may also be your very first time living away from home in this brand new environment. Everything is going to be slightly hectic, crazy and overwhelming but by baring in mind some of these tips, you can keep everything in control and focus on what’s important; having the best time!

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Plan Your Budget

It’s likely that you’re not entirely used to having a large sum of money sitting in your bank account and also tons of money-type responsibilities (rent, bills, food) so, I’m sure I speak for lots of students, it’s so increadibly tempting to just go crazy during freshers forgetting that you still have the rest of the term to budget for. If you get a spare two minutes, go through your loan, count all those pennies and work out what realistically you can spend during Freshers. Budget for those club nights, any additional supplies you may have to buy, food shopping and emergencies. So, want Fresher’s to be as money-stress free as possible? Start saving now, you’ll thank yourself later.

Top Tip: It may be scary, but make sure to check your bank balance after every night out if you take your card. Keep an eye on the damage to help stay on track!

University Advice: Surviving Freshers

Get Your Event Tickets Early

As soon as possible is preferable. Believe me, they sell out so quickly purely because it’s one less thing to tick off the list and also because it’s a little cheaper to buy all the events (or a wristband) in one go. Some events will let you buy on the day or at the door, but already having a wristband or ticket guarantees you entry. For instance, at Brighton university, I could buy the wristband for around £55 and buying all the different events separately took the total to well over £70. As soon as they go on sale, get them brought and done, it’s one less thing to stress about.

Top Tip: Even if you buy a wristband or tickets to every event, don’t feel pressured to go to every single one. Go to the ones you want to, if the deal is good, you’ve probably still saved yourself money even if you don’t attend every single one.

Stick To A Healthy Lifestyle

Fresher’s flu is a real thing; I know. I had it, my housemates had it, everyone on my course had it. By the second week we were all walking around like zombies… and things were just getting started. As tempting as it may be to bung an pizza in the oven every night or grab take-out, try and eat atleast a little bit healthy. Lots of vegetables to keep that immune system going, fruit, vitamins if they’re your thing, anything good, take it. Chances are you’ll still get the dreaded flu but recovery may be quicker if your immune system is happy. University can run you down as well, so this will be good practice throughout the rest of your time there, especially as you near Winter.

Top Tip: Keep a stash of cold and flu remedies and also painkillers, vitamins somewhere in your room. All this stuff can get expensive and may not be easy to track down if you’re already bed-ridden with a cold, if you already have it, they are nice and accessible to help you on your recovery route!

Find A Group and Stick With Them

Whether that’s your housemates, course mates, whoever, stick with this group on your night out. Stick together and try your hardest not to get stuck on your own. For a starters it’s really not safe and plus, you’re probably in an unfamiliar town or city so you don’t want to get yourself lost on your way back to halls. Make sure you’ve swapped numbers with everyone incase you do get separated and always make sure to have a local taxi firm’s number in your phone to call.

Top Tip: It’s also a good idea to have your halls address saved in your phone or somewhere safe, you’ll be surprised at how easy you forget it when you climb into a taxi or ask for directions. You’ll also be surprised at how many taxi drivers don’t know where you’re talking about when you try and describe where you live…

University Advice: Surviving Freshers
University Advice: Surviving Freshers

Don’t Be The Person Who Can’t Remember Freshers

It may seem that Freshers is all about drinking (it’s really not, promise!) but don’t be that person who gets so drunk on the first night they forget their name, address and where they are. It’s really not the best first impression you can make and believe me, even if it’s not on Facebook, people will remember. Take it easy, keep aware of yourself and your situations and remember, you can not be completely mortal and still have fun! But, if anything major does happen, it will comfort you to know that you won’t be the only one and you probably won’t see even half the people you meet in clubs ever again. So, there’s that!

Top Tip: Pace yourself and also keep an eye out for other people too!

Other Things You Should Remember:

    – I probably don’t need to mention this but honestly… safe sex is SO important. Your campus will most likely have someone you can talk to about sexual health and somewhere where you can get everything you need. Just, stay safe!
    – Try and remember to sign up to a doctor if and when you can, this is especially useful and most universities have their own GP which makes it nice and easy!
    – Don’t skip lectures. It doesn’t matter how hungover you are, unless you are genuinely ill, don’t skip any welcome meetings or lectures, you’ll miss important meetings and first impressions really count.
    – Phone home and let your family know you’re ok! Even if they don’t admit it, they’re probably worried for you so make sure you reassure them that you’re ok and haven’t spent all of your loan already…
    – Go to the Fresher’s fair! Not only will you get loads of freebies (Domino’s was at mine. Day = made!), you’ll get to meet all the societies and charities associated with your university and a lot of local businesses and clubs will also go – you’ll learn lots about your new home for three years and find a world full of opportunities and fun stuff designed especially for students.
    – HAVE FUN! This will feel like the craziest week (or two) of your life. Enjoy it, embrace it. There won’t be many more chances in life to just party and go crazy. Grab it, run with it it, enjoy every second, you will remember this for the rest of your life!


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