The Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

An Evening With Farfetch

After spending an amazing morning with Farfetch a month or so ago doing some Yoga at the Shard (post here: Yoga With Farfetch), I was so excited when I was invited to their first ever beauty event celebrating the launch of their online beauty section.

You already know how much I love Farfetch, but in case you’re yet to hear about them, Farfetch stocks thousands of beautiful designer pieces from all over the world and should be your one stop shop for designer fashion, beauty and even vintage pieces. The website is user friendly and the shopping experience is easy, quick and everything you want from shopping online.

They launched their beauty section pretty recently and it’s such a welcome addition to the website;Β being able to shop for everything all-in-one place is really lovely and makes life just that little bit more easier. And, what’s perfect is that I can confirm first hand that the brand is all round-lovely and brilliant to deal with, you couldn’t ask for me!

At the event, we were shown how to achieve some SS16 makeup looks including flawless skin, smokey eyes, a watermelon inspired look (my fav!) and also metallic lips; all looks inspired by the runway. The looks were all pretty ‘out there’ but we were offered some amazing tips on how to make them that bit more wearable and I went home with lots of new knowledge under my belt (and also a new lust for the Kylie Cosmetics metallics because that look really is the bomb).

It was an amazing chance to mingle with some lovely bloggers and the amazing Farfetch team to learn more about their brand that I love; a really beautiful evening and again, the world’s biggest thank you to the beautiful Kristy for inviting me!

Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch
Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch
Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

Natural Skin

This look focused more on skincare than it did on makeup and I think that’s so important. We’re mainly taught to cover up our problem areas with concealer, foundation, powder and whatnot and it can be pretty rare to hear that you need to also tackle the problems head-on as well. This look showed us how to effectively cleanse skin, how best to apply our skincare (gently and lightly) and why we should be using primer to it’s full advantage.

Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

Watermelon Inspired

If this doesn’t scream Summer, I don’t know what will! By all means, green eyeshadow isn’t going to be for everybody, but blended in expertly and using perhaps a more khaki green shade really does produce a beautiful, statement look. I loved the high blusher look in this, I tend to stray from bright pinks as it’s so easy to go overboard but this look made me rummage through my collection in search of more bright shades!

Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch
Beauty Masterclass with Farfetch

What are your favourite Summer trends?

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  • So jealous! Absolutely LOVE Farfetch! x

  • This looks like an amazing evening. The watermelon look is lovely but it would be a little bit too much for me as I like to go nude or brown on the eyes. Also you just reminded me that I have this primer sitting in my drawer that I need to try out!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    • It really was Lisa! Since this I’ve definitely been using primer more and noticing a difference, can’t believe I would ignore it before! πŸ™‚

  • Whoa! Very cool. It sounds like such a fun event, especially since you had the chance to mingle with some fellow bloggers. :]

    // β–² β–²

    • Thank you for reading Carmen! πŸ™‚