Kylie Cosmetics: The Additions

Because the hype gets me every time…

It’s August, nine months after Kylie Cosmetics launched and quite literally, shook the beauty world up. Everyone wanted needed to get their hands on Miss. Jenner’s matte liquid lipsticks and matching lip liners like their lives depended on it (we take beauty hypes very seriously over here!). People waited around online for hours for their launch even knowing there was an increadibly big chance of missing out, especially when a new shade would launch, but still taking the chance they’ll be the magical chosen one to get their lip kit of choice.

It’s been nine months and finally it seems that Kylie is well on her way to getting it right. Now, you can head on over to and there’s a good amount of (mostly) every product online meaning no more waiting around for re-stocks (unless you’re wanting a brand new launch) so you can now purchase your kit, or individual matte lipstick or lip-liner (i.e one of the best thing’s Kylie has done) whenever you heart (or purse allows) desires.

I am though, on the other hand, kinda over the whole ‘launch’ side of it all. Her new eye palette sold out in a minute and the birthday collection (which is a thing of pure beauty!) also completely sold out in mere minutes. She’s clearly putting a limited amount of products online to create the infamous hype that surrounds all of her products which I do understand, it’s just a tad annoying and I can see why people are put off. Though, saying that, I do want nearly everything from that birthday collection, Kylie outdone herself there!

What I got…

Before Kylie changed her online marketing, I waited patiently for one of the restocks and I ended up purchasing Mary Jo K and one of her new glosses, So Cute. …What?! I just can’t help it… minus the slight disappointment of Kourt K (you can read all about that here: Kylie Lip Kit) I really, really do like these!

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Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K So Cute Gloss
Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K
Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K Swatch

The Matte: Mary Jo K

There is nothing more flattering, classy or classic as a bold, statement red lip. A colour you can apply and feel instantly ‘done’, put together, and ready to strut down your own personal runway. But disappointing formulas and textures can take a beautiful red from statement to sloppy real quick making red lipsticks pretty hard to buy. Mary Jo K, though, is beautiful. I mean that hands down.

It’s universally flattering on everyone I’ve seen it on and is the perfect, classy, statement red with a fantastic formula to match. You already know I love that, the lip-liner is smooth and creamy (takes a little practice to get a super-precise line, though) and the liquid lipstick is insanely pigmented and manages to apply perfectly even. It’s beautifully soft, dries quickly and lasts a lot longer than most of its competitors. My only wish? Again, that it had a suction pad in the tube to stop getting excess product on the wand. Super annoying, easily fixed; I would love to know Kylie’s reason for not putting one on.

The lip-liner is good, but if I’m perfectly honest, you don’t need it. It’s a little bit too creamy for a product that needs a super-defined line. My advice? Get the Mary Jo K matte on it’s own and use MAC’s Cherry lipliner to get that perfect line.

As this is insanely pigmented, a few practice go’s may be beneficial for getting perfectly defined lips but it’s nothing that concealer can’t help with. I find that with Kylie’s nude shades I can get a good 7-8 hours wear out of these and the only reason I won’t say that with Mary Jo K is simply because, when it does start to fade when your lips part, it’s obviously more noticeable. Even then, you’re going to get a good 4-5 hours with this looking pretty darn perfect. Sure, it get’s pretty uncomfortable at the end of the day, but, most liquid lipsticks do and I’d rather that and know it’s still on my lips, personally.

It’s, by far, the best matte red I’ve tried in a very long time and basically, I have a lot of love for it.

Kylie Cosmetics So Cute Gloss
Kylie Cosmetics So Cute Gloss Swatch

The Gloss: So Cute

The only thing I don’t like about this gloss is the name… I just don’t ‘feel’ the gloss names as opposed to the mattes and metallics. But apart from that not-really-important opinion, this gloss has become a firm favourite.

So Cute is wonderfully thick but not gloopy meaning this gives you a beautiful colour that isn’t streaky or lacklustre, it’s brilliantly pigmented for a lipgloss, to the point you can wear this on it’s own.

It’s creamy, it isn’t crazy sticky and lasts around an hour or two before you’ll want to reapply. The colour is the perfect pinky-nude, which seems to again, be universally flattering on everyone regardless of skin tone. It goes pretty brilliant with Candy K so bonus points to Kylie for allowing her products to cross over and be used in more than one way – inventive, simple but makes owning the collection more appealing.

All In All…

All-in-all, I’m impressed! Kylie Cosmetics has got a pretty bad reputation in the business and it seems that when the orders go wrong – they really do go wrong with shocking customer service but it does seem that Kylie has now acknowledged that, thankfully. Regardless of anything, the products are wonderful and really blow out any kind of competition. They’re pricey and that get’s scary real quick if you get a customs charge but if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a kit (or gloss, or metallic) for a little while, do your research, look at all the swatch pictures and do it! And as the old age question goes – are these two worth the hype? Yes. Yes, they are.


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