How To Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe

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Jet-setting season is well and truly upon us; just a quick scroll down my Facebook feed and I’m greeted with several plane emojis, those little interactive maps that shows your flight route and about a million beach selfies.

It’s so exciting going on holiday, whether that be a quick city break, week-long beach holiday or action-packed tourist spot-hopping trip but, let’s be honest, picking your holiday wardrobe can be one of the hardest tasks of the trip. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite tips that I’ve learnt from my last four trips to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Barcelona!

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Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe
Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe
Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe

01. Mix ‘n’ Match

Luggage restrictions and general space restrictions stop us from taking several different outfits with us aboard so, I’m sure, as much as we’d like the option of a completely new different outfit everyday, it’s not always the realistic option. Make sure to pack staple pieces that can be easily combined with other pieces. My advice would be to make sure the piece is one-block colour, white, black or grey is ideal; it gives you more option to match. For instance, the white skirt I’m wearing in this post is what I took to Rome and got two-days wear out of it. The white lace meant it went perfect with any sort of vest/top or jacket making my outfit choice for the day nice and easy. It also worked for the shoes; simple, white block sandals that went with any pair of jeans, any maxi and any skirt; so easy, simple but remaining stylish.

02. Layer, Layer, Layer

Even if your destination is guaranteed to be beautifully hot, it’s not always going to be worth taking the risk. You don’t want to put a jumper on first thing in the morning because of the fresh, chilly morning air and be sweating yourself to death by midday because the sun’s made an appearance. Pack items you can layer up and switch easily if the weather changes. Vests, cardigans, denim jackets, thin-knit jumpers, thin-scarfs. Pieces you can easily remove if need be and also easily carry around with you and pack. It obviously goes without saying to make sure you fully research and check the weather forecast before you go.

Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe

03. Check Dress-Codes

Will you be heading to any religious sites on your trip? Fancy restaurants? Specific days out? It’s always important to make a quick check to see if there’s anything you should or shouldn’t be wearing. For instance, you don’t want to be wearing a vest and shorts if you’re visiting a religious site and you probably won’t want to be wearing a maxi-dress if you’ll be heading to a theme park. Most websites will give you this information or you can call before-hand to make sure. It might also be a good idea to consider your comfort levels as well; if you’re going to be walking around for hours on end, you’re going to want to be wearing something comfy and something that isn’t going to leave your feet with twelve blisters at the end of the day.

04. Start With The Basics

By starting with the basics, you can then let yourself tie in any trend-based pieces you may wish to take. Think underwear, a pair of jeans, t-shirts, bikini, shoes and jacket. Once you’ve got them planned, you can then start to work out if there’s any more specific pieces you want to take. Obviously, what basics are depends on your individual thoughts, but the idea is to have those pieces you need and the pieces you can easily fall back on; the go-to pieces.

05. Be Critical

It’s common to do a ‘holiday shop’ in the months before you actually fly-off and we tend to buy pieces we wouldn’t normally wear on a day-to-basis but buy because we think we’ll wear them on holiday. When it comes to actually packing; be critical with what you’re taking. Size restrictions means that you really only want to be taking the items you are actually going to wear. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve packed that ‘well, it is good for holidays…’ item that I wouldn’t of normally brought and then never wore it, leaving it scrunched up and un-loved in the bottom of my suitcase. Pack those items you feel comfortable in, you just know you’re going to wear and don’t feel too guitly if you end up leaving a few items at home that you’re not entirely sure of. Think about it, leaves you more room for those cheeky duty-free and holiday purchases!

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