Cutting Down On Social Media: The Detox

Because we all need a break

I’ll be the first to admit it, I am addicted to social media. There, I said it. First thing in the morning, last thing at night, standing in cues in shopping centres, during my five minute breaks at work, eating dinner; whenever, wherever, you will most likely catch me on social media at some point. I’m certainly addicted in this sense.

I do welcome breaks though; I’m not one of those people who panic on flights if they can’t get their Facebook feed fix for the next few hours and I can tend to cope on holiday. I welcome switching off. But, you know, the problem (for lack of better word) with running a blog is that social media is a constant job. You’re forever updating everything; Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. I’m one of those people who like to Snapchat and Instagram what I’m doing and I do get slightly annoyed with myself if I miss the chance.

Which is why, I’ve decided to cut down on social media use. I don’t want to feel annoyed if I don’t Snapchat my trip to London, I don’t want to sit up till 1am scrolling through my Twitter feed, I don’t want the need to find out what my friends are doing on Facebook if I’m out doing the weekly shop. And here’s how I’m doing it.

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Social Media Detox
Social Media Detox
Social Media Detox

01. Scheduling What I Can

Social media, for a blogger, is a full time-job. It’s increadibly difficult to switch off and it’s increadibly difficult to not allow yourself to feel guilty if you’re not doing it. I constantly battle with this, “well I just spent hours on that post so surely I need to keep tweeting about it alongside some Snapchat coverage, not to mention a Instagram picture and possibly a Facebook link… oooh, what should I do on Instastories?” It’s hard and as much as I love social media, the constant promoting and keeping updated takes away all the fun.

The easy answer is to schedule as many things as I can. Meaning, that I don’t spend all my time surgically attached to Twitter and Instagram and can just enjoy social media for what it is and hopefully, use it less. There’s so many tools that allow you to schedule, every Sunday I chain myself to my laptop and schedule the upcoming week’s twitter posts via Hootsuite, Instagram via Latergramme and Facebook via their own built in scheduler. Such a time-saver, life-saver even if it can take hours!

Social Media Detox

02. No More Early Mornings/Late Night Phone Checks

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I can spend up to an hour extra in bed just scrolling through my phone, I read texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through increadibly tired eyes expecting myself to miraculously wake up with a spring in my step. It’s the same in the evening, when I actually get into bed ready to sleep, I’ll spend the next hour doing the exact same thing.

The plan is simple; when my alarm goes off in the morning, I’ll allow myself five minutes to hate life (I’m just not a morning person, ok?!) and then I’ll get straight up. Straight into the bathroom to do my morning skincare routine and downstairs making breakfast before I’ve even unlocked my phone. I’m hoping this helps to stop those lazy mornings in bed, helps me feel more awake and less dependant on social media. Once I’ve got those important jobs out the way, then I can spend some time scrolling through my feed.

03. Have Nights Off

I’m one of those super annoying people who scroll through their phone throughout a movie and/or TV show and then wondered why I’ve missed parts out of the plot. Yep, I’m one of those terrible people, I know. The nights/evenings where I just want to chill out, stick on a chick flick or anything with Zac Efron in it, put the laptop away, I also want to be able to put down my phone and not read Facebook/Twitter throughout Zac Efron. You know how it is.

A few nights a week, when I plan to simply just chill or have a pamper night, I’m going to actively try and not indulge in social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can all wait. It’s times like that that should be reserved for me, relaxing, switching off and just chilling. Social media always leaves us with a feeling of needing to do more, to compete with what’s out there, and that isn’t always healthy, which is why it’s essential to switch off and do what you need to do for yourself.

These are just a few ways I’ll be using in order to help curb my social media addiction. To help keep the lines between social media, work and play and general life slightly less blurred. Living in a world that’s focuses on social media so heavily in every day and being within an industry that’s soooo social media centric, I think it’s essential, if not, healthy to step back, take a break and remember than not everything needs to be read, experienced, seen and posted online. 

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