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Zoella. A name you’ll see and hear a million times here on the internet. Zoë is one of the biggest inspirations in the blogging/vlogging world and to see her go from strength to strength with her channel, her books and more is definitely one of the proudest #TeamInternet moments.

As much as I do like Zoë and her channel, I haven’t entirely got on board with her merchandise; I always felt it was aimed at a slightly younger audience and even though I would browse the products in Superdrug, I haven’t picked up anything since her first range launched a few years back.

That was, until she released the brand new Sweet Inspirations range. Inspired by French patisserie’s, the packaging and products are beautifully subtle, grownup, a pastel-lovers dream and look complete alluring in my bathroom, not to mention making the bathroom smell delicious.

As predicted, the range sold out within minutes on both Superdrug and FeelUnique which meant I didn’t have the world’s biggest choice of products, but I did manage to pick up one I knew I’d love and and unexpected favourite that have made bath times even more sweet…

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Zoe's Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules
Zoe's Sweet Inspirations Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules Zoella
Zoe's Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte Zoella

Both the Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules and Bath Latte go beautifully hand-in-hand and the products are almost better when used together in your bath. Both products smell almost overwhelmingly sweet; the scent is strong and over-powering but I find that you only need a small amount of product, you can almost control the power of the scent and when used sparingly, the scent is beautiful and reminiscent of macaroons (so how could one complain?!).

In terms of bubbles… wow. Both products really do give you a epic amount of bubbles which I’m all here for. As I mentioned, a tiny amount of each product gives you a full-sized tub amount of bubbles making these the most perfect contenders for a Sunday night pamper.

Both products make my skin feel pretty luxurious and very spa-like. The Bath Latte (the only product in the range I was super desperate to try – just look at that bottle!) especially leaves my skin feeling increadibly soft and smooth and I’m sure this would feel even better with the addition to the body cream also from the range.

I may not have purchased any other products from the Zoella Beauty collection, but I really do think that Sweet Inspirations has well and truly won me other. The products have the most gorgeous packaging and such a luxury feel to them all for a increadibly purse-friendly price, making them perfect for all ages and all occasions. Overall, Zoë really got everything spot-on with this range and both the products will be coming home with me again next time I hit Superdrug.

Have you tried the Sweet Inspirations range? What did you think?

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