Yoga at The Shard with Farfetch

Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch

Heads In The Clouds…

Let’s be perfectly honest… there isn’t many people I’ll wake up at 05:30 in the morning for. But, when a email popped into my inbox from the beautiful Kristy asking me if I wanted to join Farfetch at The Shard for a spot of yoga, I set up that alarm quicker than could say “… yoga? At the Shard? Really?!”

And I must say… that 05:30am alarm was worth every second!

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Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch

Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch (C)Farfetch


Farfetch is going to be your new favourite shopping destination, if it isn’t already. I mean, just have a quick browse on their website of the designers they stock and drool. Literally. They store over 400 boutiques from all around the world and it isn’t even just fashion! It offers you beauty, homeware, accessories; everything. It’s the perfect place for one-destination shopping (i.e my favourite!).  My wishlist is pretty much as long as my arm and I could spend many hours browsing all the beautiful pieces Farfetch stocks. I also may have ordered a few cheeky things from there after my introduction to them… but more on that soon!

Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch (C)Farfetch
Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch

The Shard

After greeting and introducing myself to all the other bloggers (most of them knew each other… I was a newbie) we all crowed into a pretty impressive lift to head up the 73rd floor which quite literally feels as if you’re moving at the speed of lightening; we reached the 73rd floor quicker than I can climb the stairs in my house… no lie! Straight from exiting the lift, you’re greeted with the most spectacular sights of the city.

The Shard was always going to be impressive and there was always a massive part of me that wanted to go, but I was increadibly amazed, more than I thought I would be, at just how wonderful the view and the experience all was. There was nothing you couldn’t see, once you had finished admiring one small section of London, you turned a corner and was greeted by another famous landmark. I can imagine the Shard is typically quite busy, so to walk around it with only around 20-30 people inside (the space is massive) was breath-taking and really gave us all a chance to take it all in. I simply couldn’t stop staring and pin-pointing all my favourite parts of my favourite city.

Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch

Yoga at The Shard

I’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve never done Yoga before. Yep, that’s right. I was heading to a professional Yoga class, without even a second of experience. But I knew from the second I saw the setting for our Yoga session I’d be ok, even if I couldn’t even attempt all the crazy stretches! The class was led by Yogasphere and it was wonderfully relaxing, insightful and there was plenty of comic relief which almost made all the moves feel easier and allowed the session to be increadibly calming and there wasn’t an awkward tension in the air.

For me, nothing was better than whenever you looked around, you were surround by endless clouds, endless sky and endless skyscrapers and every worry dropped to the floor 73 floors below you. It was quite a surreal experience, one I didn’t feel deserving of, but I’ll never forget taking my first ever Yoga class on the 73rd floor of The Shard looking over the city my heart loves, surrounded by inspiring women. I walked back into the lift at the end of the session feeling refreshed, calm and inspired.

Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch
Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch
Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch


After our Yoga session, we headed over to the Shangri La hotel for a wonderful, healthy breakfast. I for one, was starving and couldn’t of taken my seat any quicker. I was seated on a table with really lovely girls and we talked all about our blogs, the struggle of finding perfect lightning for our photographs and how cute the yogurts looked in their little mason jars. It was so lovely to be surrounded by people that were all on the same wavelength as I am and to hear about their blogging/youtubing adventures.

The food was, as fully expected, amazing. We munched on salmon, yogurt, fruit, eggs and sipped tea and coffee whilst hearing from the Farfetch girls all about the upcoming trends for the next season (I’m all over the velvet trend!)

Again, the hotel and room offered fantastic views of London which we could admire whilst munching and socialising away all feeling amazingly refreshed and energised after our yoga session, all-in-all, it was all very amazing.

All of the ladies over at Farfetch pulled off an incredible, unforgettable event that I felt so honoured to be invited too. The morning was beautiful and I met some truly lovely girls, got to try something new and got to push myself out of my comfort zone that little bit more. Of course, the biggest thank you to Kristy for inviting me, I had the loveliest time and I got introduced to Farfetch, which as I’ve said, is my newest favourite place to shop!

I just had to share this event with you and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about it and browsing through the photo’s! It’s one of those moments where I wish I had taken more, but I was so busy admiring all of London through the glass, I kept forgetting to capture all the amazing views with my camera!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch
Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch (c)Farfetch
Yoga at The Shard With Farfetch
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