When in Rome… Outfit Day 01


Rome is just one of those locations you walk around in complete and utter awe. Every street, every building, every corner was a masterpiece. It was that kind of place you walk slowly around, forgetting that social media, skyscrapers and buses even exist, you walk around feeling so inspired that you plan to change your life, quit your job and dye your hair all in one. It’s the kind of place when you envy the locals because they live somewhere so quaint, whimsical and full of culture.
Our first adventure in Rome was everything I imagined and so much more. The 2am wake up call and 6am flight affected us way more than we we originally estimated so we decided to take the first day nice and slow as we adjusted to our new, sunny location, just simply strolling around, taking photo’s of literally every street and discussing how many vespa’s there were (I’m not sure why we were so shocked). But that was until we crossed a random street, after eating one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever tasted, and down at the bottom of this little street was the Colosseum, in all it’s glory. Considering it’s size, height and unique articheture, it blended in with the streets of Rome wonderfully, to the point we nearly missed it.
Yet, the second we walked up to it, everything changed. The Colosseum is beautifully overwhelming and everyone who approached all stopped to spend a few minutes taking photographs. There was so much to take in and appreciate and combined with such a beautiful, sunny day, I couldn’t of asked for more.
In the evening, we headed towards the Trevi Fountain. This, I couldn’t wait for, and boy, I was not disappointed. Despite the large crowds all trying to do the same thing (take pictures and throw money into the fountain), it was an incredible tranquil place to sit, people watch and appreciate the beauty of such an incredible monument with the sun setting surrounded with people stunned by the same thing.
This was, without a doubt, my favourite evening. The air was cool, the atmosphere was ideal and listening to people chatting and the sound of running water (my favourite) created such a calm atmosphere you don’t feel often. And to add to that already amazing atmosphere, someone got engaged and the whole crowd clapped and cheered. It was one of those moments where people united and you could forget about everything for just a little while and simply celebrate life with everyone around you.

Outfit wise… I’m afraid I didn’t do an official ‘outfit post’ style shoot on the first day so I do apologise, but in the mist of the all the excitement, walking around and tiredness, it didn’t feel right to stop, pause for ten minutes and attempt to take outfit photos buuuuut we did take a million photo’s of us at all the monuments we visited and this outfit is basically the same as what I wore on the final day so it’s not too much of a loss.

Rome was hooooot, not too hot you didn’t want to move but still find the nearest swimming pool to dive into, but hot enough to put on a short skirt and vest and still feel a bit sweaty betty. I’m just glad I didn’t stick with my initial clothing choice of jeans and a denim jacket… I decided to instead go for this beautiful, white lace skirt I picked up from Topshop last year. Despite the fact it’s over a year old, Topshop (and plenty of other places) have brought out skirt’s just like it which I’m fully supporting as they’re just so cute and easily to pair with just about anything and everything. Vests? Check. Slouchy T-shirts? Check. Bodysuits. Check. See my suggestions below (make sure to turn your adblocker off!):


My cami is Forever 21 and I love the double straps, it just adds something extra to what’s a pretty basic cami. The colour is super cute, perfect for summer and obviously goes with white perfectly (gotta love a good pastel). But probably my favourite thing about this outfit (and all my Rome style choices) has to be my pretty new Bershka bag I brought for this trip specifically. I wanted something small, non-heavy but just enough to fit in all me bits and bobs. This allowed my phone, camera, passport, money and portable phone charger (lifesaver) in nicely and half the time I didn’t even feel like I was carrying it. The gold chain takes it from a plain little black bag to something more chic and effortlessly stylish, which is golden when you only have 15 minutes to get ready in the morning on minimal sleep. Again, I’ve put down some of my favourites below (and yes, that’s a cheeky YSL bag in there – a girl can dream!).


My uh-mazing sunglasses are from the wonderful Coconut Lane! Aren’t they just incredible? I’m slightly obsessed with the marble rim and the rainbow reflective lenses. Effortlessly chic and no matter how many times I wear these, people always ask me where they’re from!
And to help you guys out, you can get 20% off of these bad boys or anything over at Coconut Lane by using SIMPLYABBI20 when you check out! (Make sure to have a look at their phone cases, they’re so amazing!)

So there we have, Rome outfit day 01! Make sure to keep any eye out for day 02 and day 03 coming in the next few weeks, and in the meantime, you can have a look at my Rome photo diary orrrrr of course, the vlogs!

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