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The nicest smelling deodorant around…

When I sat on my bed all those years ago, a fresh, steaming hot cuppa to the left of me and a notebook to the right filled with scribbles of ideas, potential blog names (I still cringe at AbbiHeartsMakeup…), typing Blogger into Google ready to start my new, creative adventure, I didn’t think for one second I’d be typing away about deodorant. But, as much as pretty palettes and beautiful lipsticks are fun to write about (they really, really are), sometimes we’ve got to strip it back and focus on the less glamorous, but totally necessary basics.

When a email from the lovely ladies over at Dove landed in my inbox on a sunny day spent in the library asking me if I wanted to attend their #SoftFeel event, my fingers couldn’t of typed out a reply quicker. Two days later, myself and my wonderful blogging-related-events-companion, Georgia, left the seaside for the big smoke, heading straight for Westfield Stratford to learn more about their brand new deodorant. We learnt about all the different fragrance notes, ate the most amazing marshmallows I’ve ever tasted, and gossiped about reality television whilst getting our nails done… what a night!

I feel like, when it comes to deodorant, we have our favourites, the trusted ‘one’ that we always return to again and again, knowing safely that it does the job and does just what it needs to do. But, bear with me on this one. Dove’s Soft Feel deodorant is beautifully soft, making it ideal for those who perhaps suffer from irritation on your underarms, after it, it contains 1/4 moisturising cream (and no alcohol, whoopie!) making it bearable and such a quick, easy, no fuss task in the morning.

And have I even mentioned the scent? It’s deliciously feminine, it’s wonderfully soft, as the name would so obviously suggest, non-offensive and if I’m perfectly honest, everything I want in a deodorant scent. It’s simple, it works, the can is gym bag/overnight bag/holiday bag friendly and it’s only going to cost you £3.79. Staying lovely and fresh all day has never been so easy!

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant
Dove Soft Feel Deodorant

The Event…

We couldn’t miss the event even if we tried, upon walking on the second floor of the shopping centre, straight in front of us we could see, among a palette of greys and monotone, beautiful pastel pink decorations that were just calling our names. We were greeted with, again, beautiful pink champagne and we found ourselves comfortably in one of the pink pods, equipped with beautiful fake flowers and soft pink seating, it’s safe to say, we really did feel right at home!

We were then treated to a wonderful, relaxing hand massage all whilst the hustle and bustle of a busy night at Stratford whirled distantly around us. We discussed our degrees, our careers and interests all with like-minded people. It’s always lovely being a small room (or section, in our case!) surrounded by similar people with similar interests, making small talk with champagne and beauty treatments all around. Dove really went above and beyond to make us feel special, the effort was impeccable!

Next up was the manicure. As a long-time nail biter (please don’t judge me!), manicures are not something I ever get to enjoy, and after telling the nail technician about a million times that I was sorry for the awful state of my nails, I again, started to relax and enjoy the small talk about West End theatre shows (I now really want to see Maltilda and Wicked!) and our favourite reality television programs (Made in Chelsea all the way!). Though, of course, let’s be realistic, I definitely had trouble picking what shade of pink I wanted… it was a difficult… difficult choice, but I ended up settling on something a little brighter than what I tend to use at home… and I loved it!

But, as much as I adored the beauty treatments, the easy small talk and rose-scented marshmallows (one of those Harribo bog-standard ones is no longer the same at all…), I think my favourite time of the evening was actually learning about the product, learning about all the different fragrance notes that went into creating the deodorant and it’s scent. We got to have a good old whiff of each different scent and we even got to try and guess them ourselves – I will say, G and I were a dab hand at this… apprently our noses are rather good at identifying different scents, it was a proud moment! It was really interesting, factual and made me realise just how much I love vanilla.

I had never been to a blogger event before, regularly cowering behind my email to say no due to the big ball of nerves I turn into when in situations such as this, but, this year, I secretly promised myself to say ‘yes’ to more things, jump out of the comfort zone that’s all too familiar. Saying yes to attend this event was a wonderful choice and I’m so glad I pushed myself to go. I met some really lovely ladies, got to have a beautiful evening getting pampered and got introduced to another amazing product by Dove! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone really does wonders, right?!

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant
I would just like to mention that I promise this post isn’t biased. Dove did not pay or ask me to write about this event but I had such an amazing time and I really do like the deodorant that I felt compelled to share it all with you! My relationship with my readers will always remain honest, but I do understand that sometimes the lines can get blurred so I just wanted to clarify!

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant Dove Soft Feel Deodorant

A massive thank you to the lovely, lovely team at Dove for such an amazing, memorable night that myself and Georgia throughly enjoyed!

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