The Sephora Haul

What Rome’s very own Sephora had in store for me…

There is nothing in this world that breaks my heart more than knowing we don’t have a Sephora in the UK. Forget boys, forget the fact that the Chinese doesn’t open on Monday’s… this is what is breaking my heart. So, I’m sure you can imagine the excitement and happiness I felt when my eyes fell onto Rome’s very own Sephora store (we actually saw three the whole time we were there… what a place!). I had heard the rumours that there was a store three minutes away from our hotel, and I’m delighted to confirm that there were indeed true. So, I spent the three days thinking hard and long about what products would be coming home with me and then on our final day… I did the damage.

In Sephora in Europe, you can actually get many of the brands over in the UK, but it was really nice to have a small-ish store where every stand was amazing (and kept neat) all within a close distance. The staff were all increadibly helpful, the stores were laid out nicely and the selection of brands and products was just what I wanted. I also liked the clear divide between skincare and makeup, it made exploring the store so much easier and I can imagine, for the locals who get to experience this magic every day, it would be increadibly easy to locate and grab whatever it is they are needing.

This isn’t even as crazy as it could of been; there was just so much stuff I wanted and guaranteed if my hand luggage and euros allowed it, I would of come back with atleast five bags more. Sephora’s own line seemed so much more impressive than I first assumed and, oh my gosh, their skincare looked incredible. Basically, how acceptable is it jump on the Eurostar and head to Paris just for the Sephora there…? Would anyone judge me really?

So, I guess it’s onto the all important part, isn’t it really? Just what did I buy? Let’s have a look, shall we?!

Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul

The Special One…

Too Faced is actually pretty easy to buy in the UK, their website now ships over to the UK *bye wages* and all their goodies are available in Debenhams so it’s no hardship to get yourself (or your friends/family) some TooFaced goodies over here. But, when in Rome, people, when in Rome! I knew I wanted to bring home something special, something, that, whenever I picked it up to use, I would remember those three magical days in Rome, a slightly different souvenir from a magnet or keyring, but one which will get a lot more use, for sure!

So, I went ahead and bit the bullet and popped the TooFaced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette into my basket. It’s one of those products I had seen countless of times on Youtube videos and on people’s blogs and it was just one of those products I knew I wanted but never got quite round to purchasing it  yet. So when, it was sitting all pretty on the stand, I was able to give it a good swatch and decide that it was definitely worth bringing home with me. I love the mix of intense glitter shades and matte, making this perfect for transiting from day to night. It’s perfect for ‘all-in-one’ looks, you can do your highlight, base colour, outer corner colour, crease shade all from one palette and that’s just what I’m after. The colours are so beautiful, crazy pigmented, beautifully creamy and so easy to work with. Cocoa Chili and Pink Sugar are the most beautiful shades and basically make this whole palette worth it, yep, based on those two shades alone. Oh, and did I mention that the shadows smell of chocolate? Yep. It’s true.

The One For The Strobing Trend…

Ahh, YSL, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and luxurious brands you can own and love and cherish for many years to come. It’s timeless and for that reason, owning their products always makes me very happy and as if I’ve got my sh*t together for atleast ten minutes (I haven’t)… the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Concealer is one of those, again, timeless products that have gone through generations after generations that I’ve lusted after for years. Once again… the ‘when in Rome’ saying plays it’s part here. This is beautifully creamy, just the perfect consistency and applies and blends like a dream. I’m in love with this and it’s incorporated itself seamlessly into my daily routine. A wonderful addition to my daily makeup.

Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul

The One For Lips…

There was no way I was going to have a browse round Sephora and not put one of their famous cream lip stains in my basket. Of course, I went with the classic red (01 – Always Red) as, let’s be honest, you can never have enough red lippies in your collection and also, just look at it, isn’t it just the most perfect red? Deep, classic, beautiful. I love it and it really does translate that beautiful on the lips! The only thing that makes me ever so slightly sad about this product? The doe-foot applicator is just a little too soft for such a intense, red lip, making application a little difficult. So, armour yourself with some concealer and a cotton swipe at the ready because this may just make application that little bit easier, neater and straighter. Apart from that tiny hiccup, I can’t complain about this at all, the colour is beautiful, the pigmentation is incredible and as for lasting-power? It almost rivals the Kylie Jenner lip kits…. almost.

The Ones For Pamper Night…

When we first stepped into the store, we were instantly drawn to the mask section… oh my gosh, sheet masks galore! There is quite literally a mask for every skin need ever! It was increadibly and again, I could only wish that I bring every single one home. I ended up settling on four different masks, one for feet, one for eyes and two face masks. I simply love sheet masks; so easy, so hydrating, so fun and you tend to notice the results instantly. Sephora’s had simple but lovely packaging, were incredibly purse friendly, and as I mentioned before, the range of masks was incredible!

With my poor, aching feet in mind, I reached for the ‘Comforting and Repairing Foot Mask’. Now, I don’t know about you, but I HATE feet, hate them, even my own. Basically, the idea of touching of my own quite frankly horrifies me, so the idea of a feet mask sounds rather inviting. You simply slip these on your feet, just like slippers and the mask does all the work for 20 minutes, sounds ideal, right?!

I love the idea of tiny eye masks for those days were you perhaps don’t want to do a full skin pamper but your sensitive eye area needs a little TLC… these just seem perfect! Again, I picked up the ‘anti-fatigue and energizing’ masks and I honestly can’t wait to try this.

Finally, I couldn’t leave without grabbing any face masks, my skin’s been so temperamental recently so I couldn’t help but grab two that sounded ideal. The ‘nourishing and repairing‘ masks sounds ideal after a breakout and the ‘purifying and detoxifying‘ masks is going to be amazing on my Sunday night pamper!

Basically, I cannot wait till I visit another Sephora again in the future, I’ve already got a second wishlist of things I want to buy next time I’m lucky enough to be in one… but, what I want to know is, what is at the top of your Sephora wishlist?

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