2016 Summer Goals

Summer Goals
As I type this, I’m surrounded by lots of pieces of clothing, my passport, a stupidly long to-do list and my teeny tiny suitcase. I’m somewhat attempting to pack for my trip to Rome tomorrow but I’m finding myself getting distracted by cute Harry Styles pictures, Snapchat and Blogging… why, oh why am I so rubbish at packing?! *crying emoji*

The point of this post wasn’t to display my awful time management and my perfect procrastination techniques, but to talk about my Summer goals! Or, my Summer bucket list, if you will. All the little (or big) things I want to complete this Summer before I head back to University for the penultimate year that I’ve been ever so slightly dreading (avoiding the ‘d’ word…).

01. Go for a Picnic!

Can you believe I don’t even remember the last time I went for a picnic? A prober little shindig; in a park on a beautiful day, surrounded by lots greenery and food and great company. Sounds ideal. I’m determined this year to make it happen, I’m going to grab my besties, lots of amazing picnic food (I’ll be hitting M&S that’s for sure) and spend the afternoon, hopefully in the beautiful sunshine, laughing and basically having a good old jolly-up. I’m already excited! I’m not sure it will be as visually beautiful and down-right epic as Zoe’s picnic digs, but I did see that Primark has an amazing Summer-outdoorsy range at the moment so I’ll heading back there for a picnic blanket and cool bag or two!

02. Have a London Day Out!

It’s no secret that London is one of my favourite locations in the whole wide world. It doesn’t matter where you head in London, the atmosphere is always so electric and alive and I love that no matter what time of year or time of day you visit the Big Smoke, you’ll never ever say “there’s nothing to do” or “isn’t this boring?”. In Summer, the city well and truly comes alive, the sun and warmth adds that extra ingredient of magic that takes London from an almost clock-work pace to something exciting and energetic. My heart falls for it every time. I visit Covent Garden all the time, and although it’s one of the most perfect Summer designation with it’s wonderful cobbled streets, little boutiques and exquisite bars and restaurants where you can sit outside and completely soak up all that phenomenal atmosphere, I want to grab my camera and explore some of the other parts of London I’m not as acquainted with, such as the Southbank, Somerset House and of course, Hyde Park!

Last Summer I spent a fabulous day in and around Oxford Street and Hype, which you can read all about over here, yay! Flowers and Fancies and Tea Love Affair.

Summer Goals

03. Visit Somewhere in Europe

After my incredible visit to Amsterdam last year (make sure to have a quick read through my Amsterdam Travel diary for all the pretty pictures), I was pretty determined to explore more of Europe again this year. It’s so easy to get used to what’s sitting on your doorstep, almost forgetting that there is a whole world a car, train, or plane ride away. This year’s choice? Italy! I can’t wait, I’ve never visited Rome or even Italy before and I know it’s considered one of the most beautiful places. We’re flying out first thing tomorrow morning, so make sure to add me on Snapchat (‘ItsAbbii’ or simply scan the Snapcode at the bottom, whatever is easiest!) as I’ll be live Snapchatting as much of the trip I can – i.e when I find WiFi I assume! For those who want something that little bit longer and less Snappy, make sure you’re subscribed over on my Youtube Channel as I’ll be also vlogging the trip with a much more fancier camera than my iPhone! I honestly can’t wait to visit such a beautiful and iconic city as Rome and I’d certainty also being telling a sneaky porky pie if I said I wan’t bursting with excitement to try and eat all of the Italian food*heart eyes emoji*!

04. Visit My University Friends

Sticking to the exploring front, but sticking more within the country, I want to spend this Summer finally going to visit my university girls! For the last two years, I’ve waved my friends goodbye in June and I’ve then spent the entirety of September and October cramming in between lectures and over dinners, catchup chats. This year, I was pretty determined to not let four months fly by without seeing anyone from university, so we’ve all decided to travel to each other’s houses for a few fun-packed weekends! It’s going to be so much fun to see other parts of the UK and of course, have a lovely catch-up with some of my favourite people!

Summer Goals
Summer Goals

05. Go To The Beach

A fairly obvious choice, but it just seems that no matter how many times I say to myself that I’m going to drag someone to the beach with me, I just never end up going. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than sand (until it gets into your food, of course…) the freezing cold sea, the relaxing yet bubbly atmosphere and of course, the seaside treats, I’m talking Fish and Chips, candy floss, you name it, I’ll have it. British beaches are not obviously as nice as the exotic ones that Instagram loves to show me, with not a palm tree or hammock in sight, but they have this simple British charm that we all can’t resist every once in a while, and there’s nothing like a British Summertime spent at the beach which will instantly transport you back to your childhood days.

06. Adopt The Healthy Lifestyle Everyone Wants

This is, in a way, a more long-time goal as opposed to just Summer, but, the hot days are the perfect starting point to try and live a much healthier lifestyle. Even with it’s unpredictable traits, British Summer is filled with lovely days that are warmth enough to get myself outside and doing something. Whether it be taking the dogs for a lovely, long walk around the fields, or a beautiful stroll alongside the river, there’s no excuse to not get up and move. Summer also provides the perfect excuse to eat heathier too, when the weather is that little bit more warmer, I crave lighter meals, more salads (I KNOW! I can’t believe it either) and none of the heavier stuff we turn to in Winter for comfort. Basically, it’s time to ditch the cans of coke, the pick and mix and crips, saying that, you’re probably not going to see me in a gym anytime soon, but it will sure be heathier than watching re-runs of Orange is the New Black on Netflix all day…

Summer Goals

07. Take More Photographs

I’m all about living in the moment and not living my life through a lens and all that but, I also like capturing the moments. Photographs are stronger than my memory and there’s simply no way I can remember everything I ever did ever in my life and photographs provide the perfect trigger to remembering a day, a smell, a time, an event, a happy place you were in. In an interview once, Amy Winehouse said (something along the lines of) when she was writing a song, you had to remember everything, how that person smell, how they hold you, and the same way songs can take people to emotional places, so can photos. I love keeping them, in my phone, on my social media, on my wall, in my polaroid tin, I want to create a personal space filled with all my beautiful memories over the years, on full display, telling a million different stories. I’m not always the best at remembering to pick up my camera and snap away, even if just on my phone, so I’m making it my mission this Summer to pick up the camera and capture that impromptu moments, that whilst may not have been set up perfectly for my Instagram grid, was genuine and real, and everything I wanted it to be!

08. Learn Sign Language

Perhaps a random one alongside all of these ‘typically Summer’ goals, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I feel like, now, my last prober ‘Summer holiday’ is happening, now is the time to do it! I know very basic French and I can say hello in a number of languages, but I don’t know anything fluently and sign language is something that truly fascinates me and I alway think it’s one of those things that you’re never going to know when you’re going to need it. Even with perhaps a language barrier, there are ways and means of communicating and getting around it, I would love to have the ability to communicate effectively with someone that cannot hear and/or purely uses sign language. I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to start, but there are tons of Youtube videos and infographics to get me started. Who knows, perhaps by September, I will be on my way there!

Summer Goals
Summer Goals


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Summer Goals
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