Finding Your Feet in a New City

Finding Your Feet in a New City

Way back in 2013, I packed all my most important belongings into my dads car and sat whilst he drove for three hours somewhere far away from home. I was eighteen and moving out for the first time. I remember that I kept telling myself “it doesn’t count, it’s only for university”, but deep down we all knew that it counted and that for the first time ever, I’d be facing this big and scary world on my own, Brighton is a huge city and I remember thinking “I’ll never figure this all out”, now? I know Brighton like the back of my hand (even though, three years later, I’m still discovering things!). No matter the reason for moving, whether it’s for university or you’re simply moving from one city to another, the process can be increadibly overwhelming and, on top of the pressures of building wardrobes and trying to figure out where your new plug sockets are, you might also have to handle a brand new city. With such a big location on your doorstop, it can feel as if the world is so slowly swallowing you up, so today, I’m sharing with you my tips on finding your feet in a new city. 

Walk and walk and walk

Grab your comfiest shoes, grab your headphones (don’t forget your keys), head out your front door and just walk and walk and walk. When I first moved to Brighton, I firstly got myself to the centre of town (always good to have a pretty big first reference point to remember) and then I simply walked around aimlessly. I didn’t have anywhere specific to go, I just wanted to see what this city had to offer me which wasn’t just the massive shopping centre. Walking around is obviously one of the best ways to see a city and find all those little nooks and crannies, not-so-secret coffee shops that actually have seats and quieter roads with quicker routes. You can see people, you can pop into shops and it’s up to you where you go, you are your own navigation and with music, you can create the perfect soundtrack for your new adventure!

Take Your Hobbies Global

Blogging, painting, running, yoga… whatever your hobby is, don’t keep it confined to your four walls or just yourself. Take whatever it is you love to do and fit in around your new city. See if you can join a class which is a fast-track way in meeting new people in your city and offering you new experiences. If your hobby is a little more one-on-one, there are still options. Take your laptop to a coffee shop and sit there and type away, you’ll be surprised at the amount of conversations I’ve had in the odd Starbucks or individual store, especially if you visit regularly enough to keep meeting the same people doing the exact same thing.

Finding Your Feet in a New City

Don’t forget the people back home

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress (and also fun!) of moving to a new city. There’s so much to do and see that the people back home are just that… back home. Call them up, drop them a text and ask if they want to come and stay with you in your brand new home. What’s more of a fun way to explore your new city than to do it with the people you’re most comfortable with. Google where you should be heading for dinner and also drinks and fill your day with shopping, cinema, coffees and food and you’re onto a winner. Not only will you be, again, exploring your city, but you’ll be having fun and doing it all with some of your favourite humans.

Finding Your Feet in a New City

Finding Your Feet in a New City

Finding Your Feet in a New City

Remember It’s Part of Growing

It’s probably really scary right now, and it’s probably really overwhelming and it’s probably really tempting to forget unpacking all the millions of boxes and run back home to all the familiar surroundings but what is life without a few massive changes here and there? Exploring somewhere new gives you the perfect chance to start all over again, fall in love with something all over again, and whilst finding your feet, you may just find you too. I remember having sleepless nights over my nerves of moving to Brighton and now I consider it home and one of my most favourite places in the whole wide world. Apart from somewhere that’s guaranteed to be hot and sunny and have plenty of beaches, there is no where else in this world I’d rather be. I promise you, moving to a new city brings you a new leash of life, all you’ve gotta do is find it!

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Finding Your Feet in a New City
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