Falling Back In Love With Blogging

Falling Back In Love With Blogging
Especially when blogging is purely a hobby, it’s so easy to fall out of love with it. It’s so easy to get distracted by life and bills and deadlines and Netflix (guilty) and everything else. It’s so easy to let the days turn into weeks and then, seemingly out of no where, your Instagram notifications are building up, the inbox is edging on scary territory and your little old space on the Internet is collecting dust. This was me about two weeks ago, university reared it’s ugly head and the deadline stress ultimately meant I lost my blogging mojo, so the big question is, how did we fall back in love? I thought I’d share my tips on falling back in love with blogging just in case you’re feeling a little down in the blogging dumps too!

I changed my design…

My mind changes just as fast as blogging trends do and as quickly as I changed and fell in love with my previous design, I was also falling out of love with it. It was too simple and felt almost too restrictive for what I wanted on SimplyAbbi. Instead of sulking over it, I let my creatively do what it needed to do and I completely re-designed everything, every page, every option, everything. SimplyAbbi had a pretty over-due refresh and it really helped to motivate me all over again to fill this canvas with content. Not only that, I had so much fun rearranging and redesigning everything, it was pretty therapeutic; simply sitting on my bed with a cup of tea and some sweets, KUWTK in the background, tapping away on my laptop creating my own space. It was much needed and the effort has really paid off, I personally love the re-design!

(Ooh, fun fact, the other day I actually went ahead and created a separate home page, simply click on ‘home’ on the menu above to have a look, please let me know what you think! My aim is to always keep SimplyAbbi increadibly user friendly and professional and felt this was a needed step, I hope you like it!)

I stopped worrying about numbers…

Numbers are just that. Numbers. Yet, it’s so easy to focus on them and get upset over them. When I was in a little blogging rut a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but think “well, what’s the point in starting back up, no one reads here anyway” and that was one sure fire way to lose all my motivation. In reality, my blog is my own personal diary when I showcase my outfits, the products I’m loving and the places I travel too, so even if absolutely no one in the world was to ever read it, I would still have something to look back on in years to come. My motivation isn’t how many ‘followers’ I’ve got. My motivation is creating content that I’m proud of and if people read it and like it, then that’s an incredible bonus that I’m massively thankful for. The number doesn’t matter, staying loyal and providing content to those who do read here, does. And that’s what helps to keep me tapping away on my keyboard like there’s no tomorrow.

I looked for inspiration elsewhere…

As such an avid blog reader, a lot of my inspiration and motivation comes from other bloggers, seeing other people write such amazing posts with beautiful photography would always make me want to better my writing and practise more photography which is great, but it goes without saying that after reading the same ten to fifteen blogs, I was seeing similar styles, I needed to stretch out and find that magic somewhere new. I started to read more glossy magazines, focusing on the photography and presentation side of things to gather some new ideas. Even though the lines between blogging and magazines can get very blurred, it was still nice and offered a different view point taking it back old school and gathering inspiration from something that wasn’t already on my computer screen. Saying that, something as easy as sitting in a cafe or going on a walk could provide you with that spark of inspiration you need, it’s always good to try and remember to get out of those same four walls.

Falling Back In Love With Blogging

I allowed myself the break…

I can’t help but feel there is a slightly, nagging pressure with blogging to take it from 0 – 100 real quick. Every blogging advice post you’ll read will state “blog x amount of times a week at the exact same time to keep readers coming back’ and whilst it’s a perfectly valid form of advice that I myself follow, it can make you feel pretty crap if you miss a day or a time. When I started to miss days, I would try and post on other days but felt guilty as this wasn’t within my schedule. But, in the end, I decided that I was putting way too much pressure on myself to conform to my own strict standards, so decided to let myself have the break. I completely left blogging alone, I didn’t photograph anything, didn’t write anything, blogging left my mind for two short weeks. Eventually, I of course started to miss it, so then naturally started to write and schedule posts again. Not feeling guilty when you have a break is almost essential for you to relax and your brain to kick in and clear itself, completely refresh and be a as good as new!

I’m not sure how useful this post will be for anyone, but I thought it was worth writing these points down to hopefully help you as well! There’s a lot of pressure in the blogging community (some good, some scary) but ultimately, it’s your space on the web, it’s yours to own so do what makes you happy. Need a break? Take a break. Want to smash out 10 posts a day? Grab a hot beverage and some snacks and go for it, it’s whatever keeps you smiling (also, the Blogging Journal you see in the picture is from CocoChic – it’s amazing and perfect for those wanting to stay organised on old school paper form. It’s out of stock right now, booooo, but hopefully it will come back pretty sharpish!)

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