5 Tips To Help Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

I don’t know about you, but since university has finished, my productivity levels have dropped, big time. Not having to plan around lectures, deadlines and bus times and instead focusing on what series to start on Netflix or Hayu (KUWTK for the win..) and what products I should put in my bath today (at the moment, it’s the beautifully scented Bath Latte from Zoe’s Sweet Inspirations range) have left my motivation and productivity levels almost non-existent. But you know, I’m so done with procrastinating and sitting around not getting much done. So, I’ve created an action plan of the little things I need to do to be more productive, starting with baby steps of course. So, today I thought it might be useful to share five tips to help increase productivity. 

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Increase Productivity

01. Get That Fresh Air…

I, for one, am terrible at this. I wake up, have breakfast, jump straight onto my laptop to start to tap away and before I know it, amongst over tasks… it’s dinnertime. And I haven’t left the house. When I’m in blogging mode, or work mode, or admin mode, it’s so easy to just sit, type, get food, type, have a bath, type, read a magazine, type, eat, type, skincare, type, bed and end up following that routine daily. And whilst I think that I’m getting loads done and I’m being super successful at tackling the do-do list, my productivity levels are so low that in reality I’m watching Youtube videos, reading a million articles, scrolling endlessly through my Facebook feed and re-blogging everything on Tumblr whilst only actually spending a small amount of time on what I should actually be doing. Taking a break and getting some fresh air changes up that routine and allows my brain to re-wire and switch off whilst keeping my body physically active. Instead of sitting on my laptop all day, I’m going to break it up by taking an half hour walk (atleast) somewhere outside to keep me and my body moving, active and alert.

02. Write a to-do list in order of priority…

Perhaps a fairly obvious one and I do love a good to-do list, but I very typically just write out a scrambled to-do list with everything on it that my brain is trying to remember and then I sit and try to get through it. It’s messy, un-organised and in reality, does me no favours. So, this time round, I’m going to write out that scrambled to-do list as normal, and then write it out again, neatly (so I can actually read it…) and in order of priority. What I desperately need to do sits at the very top and ideally will get done first (wishful thinking…? Haha). This way, I have a clear, visual view of tasks I need to prioritise and, seeing as we are more alert and productive in the morning, I can clearly see what I need to be getting on with, first thing, before all the other smaller tasks I can tackle later in the day.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

03. Set Goals

It’s hard to focus your mind when you don’t really know what you’re focusing on.. or for. Taking ten or fifteen minutes out of your day to sit down and focus on what you really want to achieve over the next week, month, year, whenever gives you, and everything you’re doing an aim and something to work towards. I like to separate mine into categories… blogging, life and university to again, help keep everything visually clear and organised. Write your goals down somewhere accessible, whether that be a word document on your laptop or your notebook or planner so that you can easily refer to them if the road gets rough or life throws you those curveballs, it allows you to keep sight of your aims and objectives.

04. Cut Out Distractions

Do you get distracted by what’s happening over on Twitter? Instagram? Just have a cheeky check to see which Youtuber’s have uploaded a new video? As tempting as all that is, you won’t believe how much more you’ll get done (and how much quicker time goes) when you’re not spending a few minutes scrolling endlessly through the Twitter feed you’ve already read through and fuelling that social media addiction. If there’s a super important task you need to get through, stick your phone on silent, turn off your notifications on your laptop and click ‘X’ on those tabs you simply don’t need. Give yourself a time limit, half hour, forty minutes and work straight until then, and then when you’re done, you can double tap on as many Instagram pictures as you’d like!

05. Have a good ol’ tidy

It’s simple. There’s no better way to clear your mind than to have a quick power tidy. It doesn’t need to be the whole house, even just tidying up your desk, or making your bed can help with productivity. We all know the saying, “tidy space, tidy mind” and it really couldn’t be more true! If, like with the above point, mess is a distraction, tidying will help relieve that stress, gives your mind a little break and the end result is evident and clear. Again, I’m terrible for leaving my work space in a mess so I’m to make sure my desk is ready for the day and then, when I’m done, everything goes back into it’s place and get’s neatened up, ready for the next day.

Increase Productivity

I’d love to know what your number one tip is on how you stay productive and motivated, what is your secret?

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