The Skincare Saviors

Skincare Saviors

Skincare plays such an important part in keeping your skin happy and healthy and with so many different options, price ranges and brands of skincare, it’s easy to try something and then when it runs out, simply move onto the next thing. Over the last year or so, I’ve been really concentrating on my skincare routine and by focusing on how my skin has responded to different products, I’ve managed to find a few saviours, if you will, that my skin just loves and I can’t help but repurchase.

The Daily…

Moisturiser. One of the most basic and essential steps in your routine yet can be so difficult to find your perfect one. I’ve tried expensive ones, thicker ones, one with special ingredients, you name it. But, my favourite moisturiser is, believe it or not, is only £4.10 and can be brought pretty much everywhere. The Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream is the perfect daily moisturiser, it’s light but still manages to hydrate dry skin, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave that oh-so annoying greasy layer. It’s a no-fuss container, perfect size for travelling, the tub makes it super easy and allows you to squeeze out the required amount without putting your fingers in the tub. It’s brilliant and I couldn’t recommend it more!

Best For: People wanting an affordable, travel-friendly moisturiser that does the job.

The One For The Eyes…

Eye cream is the one product I, without fail, try to remember to always apply. The eye area is the most delicate area on your whole face and I’m super fussy about what I apply on there. I want something hydrating but isn’t too thick, something that has visible results and something that again, doesn’t have that greasy layer and sinks in quickly. And thankfully, The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream ticks off everyone of those requirements. It’s creamy, hydrating and after pro-longer use I can definitely see a difference in my dark circles and those pesky fine lines. No other eye cream has matched this yet!

Best For: Someone who doesn’t want an eye cream that’s overly thick and heavy.

The Serum…

Nip and Fab has fast become one of my most favourite skincare brands with their affordable products that ooze that luxury feeling we all want and love. The Glycolic Fix Serum is genuinely one of my favourite products at the moment and my skin is simply soaking it up! This has a beautiful grapefruit scent that almost smells beautifully natural and you can almost feeling this working. Since using this for around three weeks now, I’ve started to notice the subtle differences I was craving, my skin appears smoother, plumper and make up applies like a dream. I apply this every morning and it wakes up my skin perfectly and I simply can’t not use this now. I love it!

Best For: Someone who suffers with breakouts as this little guy nips them right in the bud!

The Mask…

I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing to do on a pamper night is to crack out a luxury face mask and sit back, relax and let it do the work. The Janjira Pomegranate and Acai face mask is a creamy mask that offers you the easiest way to give your skin a hydration injection. Whenever I feel my skin is dehydrated and a little bit unhappy, I apply a generous layer and leave in overnight to work it’s magic. When I wash my face the following morning, my skin feels plump, soft and ten times better than it the night before. Perfect for a quick fix and it isn’t too crazy expensive, I think this is a skincare item everyone should have in their stash!

Best For: A quick fix of hydration from a product that is creamy, fresh and not crazy expensive.

Skincare Saviors The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

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I’m actually on the lookout for some new skincare to try as some pieces in my collection are finally running out, what are you recommendations? What are the skincare products you swear by?

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