The Filofax Saffiano Tablet Case


Say hello to Summer’s hottest accessory. A bright poppy colour adorning the classy exterior and Mary Poppins style-bag on the inside, the Filofax Saffiano Zip Tablet is the only  statement your iPad or tablet needs this Summer. And Autumn, Winter and Spring.


As someone who’s collected her mother’s Filofaxes ever since she was a little girl, filling them up with her school hours, the days her homework was due and carrying one around in her school bag everyday, I’m sure you could imagine the excitement, gratitude and disbelief I felt when a very lovely email from Filofax asking if I’d like to try out one of their tablet cases. After texting my mother telling all about it straight away, I replied saying I would love to, and last week, this cherry red beauty arrived to it’s new, loving home. Opening up the zip and fitting my iPad safely inside, I already knew it was love…



The case isn’t just a beautiful case for your iPad; it’s your diary, your PDA, it’s where you can keep all your business cards, random store cards, jot down your thoughts, it’s the perfect storage, it’s your practical best friend. The case offers a plastic, protective shell for your iPad or tablet to sit nicely in, keeping it fully secure and it allows for 360 degree rotation allowing you for full flexibility. Spin your iPad around and you can rest it in the case nicely meaning you can use your iPad in landscape mode with ease, I can’t help but think this will be perfect for plane journeys when it comes to watching the movies and TV shows that I’ve downloaded, I can’t wait!

To the left of the case, you have the typical Filofax notepad which I think is such a lovely addition. Sometimes, I just prefer to write things down; no matter how good and no matter how HD and amazing technology is getting, nothing really beats putting pen to paper and letting your thoughts free flow. I find this especially useful when I’m doing something and I want to refer easiely to some notes, it’s easier than to keep switching screens on my iPad and just so handy to glance at as I’m working.

Behind the notepad, you have some space for some scrap pieces of paper or business cards, whatever you fancy. Again, a simple feature but allows for much more use and versatility of the case. All this just makes it even more perfect for travelling and work and business. Bringing the perfect mix of working hard and playing just as hard.


Let’s take a minute to admire the beautiful poppy red colour. It’s beautifully bright, so pleasing on the eye and if you’re into fashion, this is going to perfect with any kind of monochrome outfit. It’s classy and remains completely professional. I think, what I’m trying to say really, is that I’m in love with this beautiful case. It has everything I need, it’s practical and it’s a beautiful. A wonderful combination I can’t get enough of (and neither can my iPad).

The good news? Filofax have over 600 models to choose from so if you’ve got a spare five minutes, have a scroll through the website (here!), guaranteed you’ll fall in love too! I promise!

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The case was provided for consideration of a review by Filofax. All opinions/content are my own.
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