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You know the type, the products that have quite firmly made their home in your makeup bag, the products that you automatically walk straight to in Boots, the products you’ve purchased countless times, the products that everyone happens to know that you love and, as indicated in the picture above, the products that have had all their packaging worn off. Today, I’m sharing with you the products I can’t live without, and yes, I really am that dramatic.

The Powder…

I can hear you now, “Abbi, if I see one more post about these powders…”, I know, I know! Buuut, the Hourglass Powders are just SO good and have quite literally changed my makeup life forever. It’s gotten to the point now where I don’t think I could possibly ever use another powder again. Expensive but brilliant, these powders effortlessly manage to achieve a soft, flawless look that I can’t get enough of. Still to this very day, I’m in love with the fabulous finish. The powders are light, incredibly easy to work with and last for several hours. I love this palette and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do when I hit pan (yes, I’m already thinking about that)….

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The Foundation…

With god knows how many to choose from, finding your perfect foundation can be an increadibly difficult task, especially with the fact we have different skin types, it makes it a personal choice and going off reviews can be a difficult one, but thankfully, after choosing to buy the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation a while ago based on positive reviews, I was so unbelievably pleased and now I reach for it nearly every day. The foundation glides on and blends like a dream, it’s smooth, it sits on top of the skin nicely as opposed to sinking into pores, it seems to just disguise my stubborn redness and dry areas and manages to give off a flawless, even but not too over the top finish. It lasts all day, doesn’t feel tacky or dry on the skin and ultimately, my face doesn’t look right without it. It’s certainly one that’s on the very top of the repurchase list.

The Mascara…

Ahh where do I even start with Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara? The lengthening formula? How beautiful it makes my lashes look? The fact that it lasts all day? I just don’t know. I think that everyone has their ‘perfect’ mascara, the one for them, if you will and I think this is mine. Ask me what mascara you should try and I will personally take you to Boots and buy this for you, I swear by it. Maybelline released the Intense Black version above after the original and this is the darkest mascara I’ve tried yet. The brush is easy to work with, this coats every single lash, adds a slightl curl and enough definition to ditch the falsies. Perfect!

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The Eyeliner…

Eyeliner is already quite the tricky task so it’s pretty essential to make sure you get one with the best formula. Good formula = Easier to use = Better eyeliner. There’s no need to explain it really, it’s just simple maths if you ask me! My favourite? The one I use every single day? The one I’ve used about seven of? L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim. Without a shadow of doubt. The nib is just the perfect size, length, thickness, everything. The liquid comes out smoothly and evenly without dripping or being too wet. It dries within seconds but is easy enough to remove if you need to. I use this for all the eyeliner tasks, a simple line, flicks, graphic liner, you name it, this liner can achieve it. What’s best? A lot of eyeliners dry out quite quickly and become harder to use, this eyeliner seems to last a really good while, it’s outrun all the other eyeliners I’ve owned, which really speaks volumes!

The Brows…

The industry is absolutely bursting at the seams with eyebrow products, wax, powders, cream, crayons, all the tools you need to get those brows #onfleek. For me, I love a good wax for my brows. It lasts the longest, is increadibly easy to work with and also has a natural (as natural as drawn on eyebrows can get…) finish that I live for. Soap and Glory’s Archery is my favourite one. It comes with a spoolie brush on the end which is a daily use for me and also makes travel packing a doodle and the actual wax part is super thin allowing for detailed application. I love it, I use it everyday, my brows thank it daily, Soap and Glory ticks every single eyebrow related box here!

So there we have it, the five products that I couldn’t live without. I’m so interested to see what products you you would count in this list. What is the one product you don’t think you could live without? I’d love to know!


Abbi x

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