The Summer Nail Polishes You Need

Summer Nail Polishes

Having my nails painted a pretty colour is such a ‘life’ essential for me. Having a manicure whether it’s a DIY job or a salon visit a month simply helps to make you feel more together, after all, getting a manicure is like the getting your eyebrows done in the makeup world. For Summer, I put the greys and browns away for hibernation and wake up the pinks and the peaches ready to start my collection of Summer nail polishes.

The Pink…

Forget Summer for 2.5 seconds, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you need atleast five pinks in your collection. Slightly over the top perhaps, but pink is such a staple, every day shade that you simply cannot go wrong with. But, to make life easier, I’ve picked out my favourite pink that I’m going to be sporting this Summer. The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in Rose Hip is a beautiful pastel pink that goes alongside a tan effortlessly. The pale shade is gorgeous and the perfect mix between white and pink. The formula of more pastel shades tends to be pretty hit and miss, but, no surprise here, Barry M manages to make this formula pretty great; opaque in two coats, even application, super shine and it doesn’t chip all that easily! One to pop on your Summer¬†wishlist for sure.

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Summer Nail Polishes Barry M

The Peach…

Peach is just such a Summer staple, isn’t it? So it’s only essential that I include one in my Summer nail polishes collection! Again, such a light colour can be difficult one to work with but thanks to Topshop’s amazing polish formula, there was no way that Peaches and Cream wasn’t going to be in collection this year. If you love the boldness of an orange shade but need or want something a little bit more muted, then Peaches and Cream will be your new best friend. A beautiful colour mixed in with Topshop’s amazing formula meaning it has amazing pigmentation, increadibly strong lasting power and for such a brilliant shade, it’s incredibly purse friendly! (Not forgetting that Topshop’s nail collection is one of the most impressive when it comes to colour ranges!)

The Purple…

Barry M’s Prickly Pear is one of my all-time favourite polishes. The colour is just to die for; a beautiful lavender that suits every skin tone, every nail length and looks so effortlessly chic with any outfit. The colour is increadibly flattering and remains professional and once again, the Gelly Hi-Shine formula triumphs over anything else. Nail polishes need that lovely shine to take your manicure from amateur to professional and keeps nails looking healthy and vibrant and that’s just what this formula does, all at an increadibly purse friendly price. I think I have near-on every colour in this collection now and Prickly Pear simply¬†does not disappoint. Not forgetting to mention, this shade always receives compliments when I wear it and once again, looks pretty damn incredible with a Summer tan (not that I tan very easily… good thing it looks good with pale skin too haha!).

Topshop Celestial Summer Nail Polishes

The Blue…

Blue’s can be seen as more of a Winter shade but they’re pretty easy to pull off in Summer too. In Summer we tend to sport more pinks, whites and yellows and blue matches these colours with sheer perfection so it’s almost a life rule to have a blue polish in your Summer nail polishes collection. My choice? I’m playing it safe again with Topshop’s Celestial; a cornflower blue which isn’t too harsh but bright and exciting enough. Again, Topshop formula is perfect for a shade like this with it’s non-streaky application and it’s perfect pigmentation. With pastels, you can somewhat get away with slightly chipping but with a shade like this you want it to stay looking perfect and Topshop is the perfect formula to safely allow that with, it hardly chips and the shine, whilst perhaps not as impressive as the Barry M selections above, lasts nicely still giving it that salon-edge you can’t go wrong with.

What’s your favourite Summer shade for this year? Even with the above four, you can’t go wrong with fuchsia, whites and nudes. Also, who else up’s their nail art game in Summer? I’m talking flowers, polka dots and stripes… I want to try it all this year!

Have a lovely week! Abbi.x

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