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SkinRepublic Masks

Let’s talk masks. One of those crazy beauty trends that has hit us over here in the UK, they’re hydrating, super easy, non-messy and your perfect pamper night accessory.

I was recently sent these wonderful Skin Republic masks (available at graftonsbeauty.co.uk and in Superdrug!) and I was actually so excited when these turned up. As mentioned, the whole mask trend thing is incredibly popular, people swear by them as their skin hero’s and ultimately, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to skincare. I like quick fixes and something that doesn’t involve lots of boring steps, simple as that really!

I was very generously sent three of the Skin Republic masks; the Spots and Blemish mask, CoQ10+ mask and also the Hand Repair mask. First impressions? Pretty fabulous!

Spots and Blemishes Mask

This mask has the miracle product Tea Tree and the second I read that I was instantly attracted to this mask. This promises to help remove pore-clogging oil, reduce shine and redness without drying out the skin, happy days!

The mask is folded up in the packet and has just the right amount of moisture for me, it’s not too wet that it drips but it’s wet enough that it feels wet and stays put firmly on your face. The eye, nose and mouth holes are big enough and the mask is so easy to move around your face that you can fit it perfectly, however you wish.

This felt cooling and nice on my face, not as moisturising as the other mask and for that reason alone this one simply wasn’t my favourite. My felt felt tight and slightly dry after removing the mask which I wasn’t initially keen on but I understand this is beneficial for blemishes. All in all, I think this is a mask that’s more suited to regular use as opposed to just the one off. It’s also one that you’re not going to know whether it works for you until after you use it for a few times. But at just £4.99 a pop, it’s worth perhaps picking one or two up!

Skin Repubic CoQ10+ Mask

This is probably the mask that I was most excited about. Promising me super-duper hydration, lots of vitamins and the promise of reducing redness, I couldn’t of put this on my face any quicker. Once again, looking rather attractive with the ol’ mask on, I put on Netflix and relaxed for 20 minutes.

First things first, I couldn’t actually believe how ‘wet’ the sheet was. The liquid amount is pretty crazy compared to the one above, but thankfully, as the formula is incredibly thick, you won’t make a mess. Similar to the first mask, it’s also a tiny bit cold, so brace yourself! But, once the mask is on, it stars to feel amazing. You can almost feel the hydration, it feels cooling, soft and inoffensive and I found myself relaxing really quickly. Once the 20 minutes was up and I removed the mask, there’s quite a lot of residue left but it isn’t greasy at all so I simply left it to sink it (which felt amazing, by the way).

Final impressions? My skin felt INCREDIBLE. No kidding, it was so soft and pump and youthful, the difference felt amazing and was actually visible. Best thing? That feeling lasted for a few days, dry patches were dramatically reduced and my skin felt like, quite literally, a babies bottom. No complaints. I also love knowing that this is filled with vitamins and lots of other good skin things, it’s most definitely noticeable. All-in-all, I felt this mask was much more suited towards my skin and it’s the mask I will be most definitely repurchasing, my skin simply felt incredible and that feeling is something I’m craving! *Grabs a fiver and runs to Superdrug*.

Hand Repair Mask

A mask for your hands. Who would of thought? You’re going to want to find a good movie or TV series to get stuck into for this one as your hands are going to be rendered useless for 20 minutes. But who cares when the final result is beautifully soft hands that you can’ keep stroking?! I really like these, they have the appearance of those over-sized plastic bag gloves things you find randomly but inside is a beautifully soft cream.

Again, popping on the Netflix (I’m watching Gossip Girl, FYI), I sat for 20 minutes with Blair, Chuck and co and let my hands soak up the amazing goodness. When the 20 minutes were up, my hands did feel wonderfully soft and lovely but personally, not any better than my L’Occitane hand cream I’m obsessed with. Again, I feel that if these masks were used once or twice a week, the results would simply get better and better. All in all though? I simply didn’t enjoy not really being able to do anything for 20 minutes. I’m not the best at turning off so this didn’t really work for me. Though I do know loads of people who would love this form of hand treatment!


It’s simple really. These are purse friendly, lovely skin masks that work. We all know that a beauty regime can add to be really expensive and we all know that not everyone can afford to fund this. At just £4.99, these masks are both perfect for a one-off treatment or stocking up to use more regularly. The masks feel lovely on your face and hands and offer you that luxurious pampering we all need and love. I know that I’m straight away repurchasing the CoQ10+ Mask, it’s just so perfect for a quick hydration fix. I’m thinking holidays, Summer in generals, flights and those days your skin just needs the extra moisture. These are available now in Superdrug, so if I were you, I’d pop on down to your local one as these are lovely and just so purse friendly.

Have a lovely weekend!

Abbi x

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