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A Spring Clean

I just couldn’t resist, could I? We all need a good ol’ Spring Clean every now and then to dust away the cobwebs, re-new ourselves and rejuvenate some energy back into our systems.

A few days ago, I cleared out my wardrobe and put those really Winter-y clothes in my suitcase ready to go home. I gave away some of the makeup I never quite fell for and felt almighty better for it. And then, it was my blog’s turn. Introducing SimplyAbbi 3.0…

Change is good. Change is healthy. And change is just what my corner of the web needed. I loved the simpleness and cleanness of my last layout, it allowed the content to do all of the talking, essential in reading material in my opinion. There was only my photographs to distract you allowing you to simply just read. I loved it, but ultimately, it lacked some important little things here and there I knew I needed to change to take this blog to a more functional, professional and all-round user friendly level.

So it was time for change. The new layout has everything I could ever possibly need and want. I’ve kept posts full width allowing you once again to focus purely on the photos and writing, which I hope you like. But I’ve also made the posts more ‘smooth’, if you will and hopefully more aesthetically pleasing. The ‘blog’ itself has got more features and functions meaning that, ideally, you should be able to navigate more easily, find your way around with ease and enjoy making a little stop at I’ve added a Snapchat widget as I don’t want to ignore the most fun network, so make sure to add me as I love it (way too much) and also a latest video widget which means I can connect my channel and blog together more seamlessly.

I hope you like it. You may had noticed thats posts were becoming more and more sparse over here, which I hated but I knew a change was coming and I knew I wanted to do it. Not only with the layout itself, but also with my content. I will still be posting my beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts as normal but I want the content improved. The writing style, the information, the photograph’s, the layouts. I can’t help but feel that SimplyAbbi at the moment, in terms of content, is insanely average. I promise you that’s changing. I’m excited, I hope you are too!

SimplyAbbi Bershka Jumper

SimplyAbbi Bershka Jumper

SimplyAbbi Bershka Jumper

You’ll be happy to know that everything has been updated! Make sure to go and check out all the pages for updated content and lot’s of information on how you can access everything SimplyAbbi outside of this blog. The shop has been updated (this actually gets updated around once a week) with all the items I’m currently lusting over so make sure to go have a cheeky peek at that if you’re feeling spendy (do itttt, I’m on a spending ban and really feeling it)!

Basically, I just want to continually keep SimplyAbbi fresh and updated for you. This tiny little blog is where I share with you what I love, what I lust, what I do on my weekends, what I wear. That part is simple. But we live in a world where if it isn’t online, it didn’t happen. It’s so easy to create and write and maintain a blog and it’s very easy to feel like you’re the tiniest, loneliest fish in the world’s ocean and you’re simply floating around aimlessy. I want to make Simply Abbi the very best it can be. I feel the previous content was ‘ok’, it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t mind blowing; my motivation was very non-existent. I took the time out I needed to and now my head is bustling with so many creative ideas (alongside a lot of university work, mind you) that I can’t wait to take from my jumbled mind and let my thoughts type themselves away on my laptop. I can’t wait to write and I hope you’re ready to read!

P.S Pastel is taking over my life at the moment. I’m serious! I’m currently digging pastel homeware, pastel shoes, pastel makeup… everything! My newest addition though is the above pastel sweater, perfecto for Spring when it’s still very chilly but it looks sunny and you want the best mix of both. Seriously, Bershka has some of the best Spring/Summer wear in at the moment (just look at this sweater!), go to their website now and take a peek, you won’t regret it! But if you’re as Pastel obsessed as I am (join the club), check out my favourite pastel picks below!

Photography: Becca Gadd

Have a lovely weekend, Abbi x

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