Kylie Lip Kit: Candy K, Dolce K & Kourt K

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Dolce K Kourt K

Beauty hypes. They’re never easy are they? Every single person seems to own the product apart from you. It’s sold out everywhere. It’s probably quite expensive. And really, you don’t even know if it’s good enough to warrant the hype. We’ve all been there. And I guess you could say that a few weeks ago, I was tackling the same issue too. Say hello to the Kylie Lip Kit.

Probably one of the most sought out and talked about products of 2016. A lip liner and matte liquid lipstick combo; insanely popular and manage to sell out within about 14 minutes. Ignoring the fact that only a couple of thousand probably get restocked at a time… but, let’s be honest, that’s pretty impressive for something that has around a £12 shipping fee.

The thing is, I just couldn’t resist. The Kylie Lip Kit colours were right up my street, everyone who has them seem to love them and let’s be honest, if anyone knows how to create a damn good lipstick, it’s going to be Kylie Jenner. I waited till midnight for the restock, refreshed the page, held my breath as I added three into my basket and checked out within two minutes. I was quite pleased with myself, I must admit. But without further ado, let’s hear my thoughts, shall we?

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K

The Good…

First things first, I really like the packaging. It’s adorned with a picture of Kylie’s lips covered in the lipstick colour matching your product. It’s visually pleasing, simple and easy to store as it’s thin but long and very Kylie. Packaging aside, the first colour I really wanted to quite literally slather onto my lips was Candy K. A simple beige nude with a tiny drop of pink undertone which seemed to just suit everyone. For the days I feel more daring, Dolce K is the one I’ll be wearing; a darker nude with brown undertones that again, manages to effortlessly look bomb on everyone and finally, Kourt K, for those days I want to release my inner vampire (the rare occasion but still).

Formula wise, these have the most impressive formula of any liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. The two nudes shades apply beautifully evenly, application is quick and easy, and with only a minute drying time, you can apply these on the go. These are also wonderfully soft, there is quite literally no drying action at all. My lips feel perfectly normal with these on and I love it. Out of all the matte and liquid lipsticks I own, the Kylie Lip Kit’s without a doubt, have the best formula.

Ask me to tell you about lasting time, please, just do it. Because I’m ready to tell anyone that will listen. 7 hours. Yep, you read that right. 7 whole hours and then, only then did the colour start to look slightly worse for wear. In all 7 hours, I only found that the lipstick would ever so slightly start to flake when I drank or eight about 5 hours into the wear-time. That’s seriously impressive and once again trumps over anything else I own.

Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K

The Not So Good…

Whilst Candy K and Dolce K are just the cutest things my lips have seen in a long time, Kourt K just isn’t quite up to the high standards Kylie has already set with the other two. That impressive, even formula I was telling you about? Doesn’t seem to work just as good for Kourt K. As displayed in my image below, you can clearly see the uneven-ness and patchiness of this lip kit, which is increadibly annoying considering how beautiful the other two are. This product is already pretty unwearable but this really makes it a ‘back of the cupboard’ product I’ll never quite fall in love with. It’s such a shame, as I love purple but I just can’t seem to get this to work to create that beautiful, dramatic colour that Kourt K teases you with.

Kylie Lip Kit Kourt K

Overall, I’m pretty in love. The colours are spot on, on trend and all very Kylie which makes the product personal, which I love. The formula is outstanding and the lasting power is enough to blow even the fussiest of people away. They’re brilliant which makes me wonder what went wrong with Kourt K? Who knows, purple is an increadibly difficult colour to really work with and it’s such a shame the formula let’s this one down. Do I want more shades? Yes, in fact, Koko K is really calling my name. Will I buy more shades? Without a doubt.

What do you think of the Kylie Lip Kit?


Abbi x

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