The Flawless Base Makeup

The Flawless Base Makeup

The Flawless Base Makeup

We all want a Victoria’s Secret models skin, seemingly flawless, not a blemish in sight yet so beautifully natural. No foundation line anywhere to be seen. And whilst we don’t all have millions in the bank ready for the latest, hottest facials or whatnot, it is possible to achieve the flawless base without upsetting your bank card. Or becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. We can dream though.

The Foundation…

Contrary to first thoughts, you can achieve a wonderfully natural but flawless look with a light coverage foundation, or BB cream. I have a good selection of foundations in my collection but when I really want that ‘beautiful dewy skin that still looks like my skin’ look, I reach for the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream. A multi-tasking genius that effortlessly manages to make skin look even, dewy, fresh but doesn’t give off the appearance of ‘foundation’. How you apply foundation all depends on how the finished application looks and I do find it varies with what foundation your using. For this particular foundation goodness, I apply it with my Real Techniques Sponge, and then go in with a stippling brush to really go further and blend it in for the very best results. My tip? Go to a BareMinerals counter and try a sample of this, I guarantee you’ll be back within a full days to get your full sized version.

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The Concealer…

For concealer, I have three simple requests: that it covers blemishes and redness, it lasts all day and that it doesn’t crease. It really is that simple. One that goes perfectly with the Complexion Gel to give you that flawless look is the Maybelline Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, think YSL Touche Éclat but without the hefty price tag. A beautifully creamy concealer that sits where you put it, doesn’t fall throughout the day and doesn’t dry up and crease. It blends in like a dream and does a pretty grand job of covering up blemishes and tackling those dark circles. It’s lovely and if you need too, you can really go to town with it as it just has such a beautiful finish. Again, using my sponge to blend this in, I can achieve a very natural but ‘there’ look. Lovely jubbly!

The Blusher…

No flawless look is complete without something to highlight and add some colour to those cheekbones. Blusher rounds up the whole look, giving you a healthy, radiant and all round lovely appearance. I always reach for the Kiko Powder Blush, a perfect matte fuchsia that has the perfect amount of pigmentation; you can build up the colour but it isn’t so intense you’re going to go overboard. An incredibly flattering shade that brightens up my whole complexion and comes with fantastic quality; it isn’t chalky, just a lovely powder that’s really easy to work with. This one is little tricky to find, but do have a search in store if you’re near one but the Illasmasqua Powder Blush in Naked Rose is a pretty spot-on dupe.

The Powders…

To complete the whole look and to set all that hard work you’ve put in place, there’s only one option. The Hourglass Powder’s are my favourite things in the beauty world right now. In terms of a flawless finish, you can’t get no closer. Beautiful, finely milled powders that are wonderfully soft and wonderfully beautiful that help to flatter the face and help to reflect the light. Not to mention the overall look of them is just pretty spectacular, you know I love them. What a finish.

Full Review: Hourglass Lightning Edit.

These are just my most loved products and routine at the moment for my skin. The combination of these beauties help to make my skin look healthy, dewy and all round better than it has in a long while. I’m pretty in love, but what products do you swear by to give you that flawless model look?


Abbi x

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